Which DOS error code are you today? I'm a bit 'Too many commands' and always a little 'Not ready'

Seeing the variety in people's error codes today is good proof that DOS is a very emotionally flexible operating system. Good job to those several people Bill Gates ripped off.

After this dread-filled week, it was a lot of fun seeing everybody come together and describe their depression using their favorite DOS error code. I'm really feeling the unity.

@wilkie oh gosh I'm the last 12 hours I have been:
Invalid handle
Not enough memory
Bad environment
General failure
Sharing violation
Not supported
Too many commands
Adaptor hardware error
Too many sessions
Request not accepted
Cannot make

In short, my autistic brain was an incredible jerk. These codes are very appropriate; thank you :)

@mattcen @wilkie heh, Sharing Buffer Exceeded seems to fit my usual error state!

@wilkie Fortunately not "General failure" today - it was more of a "No spool space" kinda day

@wilkie Too Many Names, Not Enough Memory, Out of Paper, and a dash of Seek Error for flavor makes up my usual daily blend

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