It is 2074. Copyright is no longer extended since rich people no longer die. All librarians are unseen outlaws building archives underground. This is their story.

It's 2075. We are all playing Nintendo games because somebody really brave, yanno, stored them somewhere, privately I guess, on a dead-man's switch?? in spite of the fear of their absolute economic and social destruction.

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@wilkie What about: the drm brain chip lets specific memory of media experiences fade away unless you pay your media rents…

@wilkie Once rich people stop dying, copyright will probably become eternal.

@wilkie also: corporations are people and they never did as long as they have money.

@salixlucida @wilkie :( That's a big reason why I think scientists should be careful who owns their copyright. In the US there are policies which make nationally funded research publicly available but the law is sprawling and there is an issue about compliance...


I don't want to live in this world, but I sure would read about it.

@wilkie ...funny thing is its 2018 and im teaching myself how to program NES games

@wilkie It is 2184. Copyright has been restored. Rich people have realised that the vast amounts of wealth they hoarded won't last forever, as they have been living above their means for a century producing nothing whatsoever. Since the oligarchy never lost control of the fascist Earth Federal Government (which acts largely on their behalf), they decide to restore copyrights but in perpetuity this time, instituting a new Copyright Enforcement Agency (CEA).

@wilkie The War on Copy produces hundreds of thousands of casualties every year. Since Copyright is integral to mainstream morals and it is seen as the only viable way to preserve cultural unity against the existential threat of the Heathen Beetle Aliens from outer space, most people keep voting in simulacra of democratic general elections, with the same predictable result of one of two fascists winning every time.
Both party encourage harsher punishments on Copyright Crime.

The Copyright Treason Act is passed by Congress the next year, including harsher deterrents such as capital punishment. Copy Terrorists are on the retreat, but they can't hold on much longer as their last Copyright Sanctuary City is nuked out of existence by the Earth Space Forces.

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