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"is there a js library that renders doom wads?" *googles and finds my own half-written thing* dang it. I was promised a js thing for everything.

wilkie @wilkie

Hello. I'm a nerd and I've just discovered how I'm going to spend my Saturday.

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@wilkie is there a good renderer that you could cross-compile?

@nightpool technically i already have doom running in a cross-compiled dosbox :) but I want something a bit more "native" atm to compare with that, actually.

@wilkie oh yeah i meant like an emscripten thing or whatever

@er1n @nightpool this is a weird budweiser/mozilla collaboration ad

@nightpool yeah, I have an emscripted compiled dosbox. it's... amazing.

@wilkie yeah i was just saying that dosbox as an emulation layer is much much different then just a small doom wad library compiled straight to JS

@wilkie I guess I have no idea what your overhead is like in real life tho