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wilkie @wilkie@mastodon.social

banks are really weird now. I went to make a withdrawal, which I haven't had to do in person in like 15 years, and there wasn't a queue. someone in a sweater vest greeted me and then I sat down to talk to someone.

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@wilkie I'm sure having a customer walk into the branch was the highlight of their day. "His WiFi must be down"

@lychee we had a good chat about our weekends! it was very interesting to see a bank teller not 110% stressed.

@pony 0 lol. in fact they upgraded my account so I get free checks. heh.

@pony those and cashier's checks which I guess can be useful

but hey, the bank upgraded my checking account so I get free checks. too bad I already purchased the last 100 I'll ever need.

@wilkie You will be shocked and disappointed to learn that that isn't true.

@Tremelune it isn't that I don't believe you. it is that I don't want to believe you. lol