somebody bettered the community and fixed this and they didn't need a financial incentive to do so

i like that the autocomplete tells me that people will be celebrating the equinox appropriately

This is the way the world ends, not with a bang, but with a...

the hours I spent on my win95 mastodon proxy were totally worth it

let's all boot up and sing the flying toaster song! look at 'em go!

I think Netflix wants to Netflix and chill

I feel like posting this year old selfie of me looking very Polish a.k.a. pale and wistful

tag yourself. i'm Flitzer. i flitz around randomly

i'm sorry, sherlock holmes game, but I'm already stuck at the first puzzle where I figure out which of these is 'easy' and which is 'hard'



never gets old (yes it does. it very much does)

oh! I should register... I am in dire need of a product update!

my class website works in netscape 4 so there is NO excuse for students not reading it (thank you, @jekyllrb)

forget this. I'm going back to the good internet

I love how Google reacts to some artistic software. Oh sure, real-time art and viruses both sometimes rewrite their own code. Pft. That's not dangerous. That's cool! Chill!

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