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wilkie @wilkie@mastodon.social

floppy disk preservation at its best ( by Nick Gentry via flickr.com/photos/nickgentry )

compiling libass is the best

my portfolio of errors plus that one intentional thing is unrivaled

seems fine. sure. good.

my colleague wrote this and I think I'm really starting to be a [good] influence

I am finally replacing my work keyboard, a chiclet keyboard from Dell and the bane of my existence, with a Durgod Taurus which cherry browns.

This is the stupidest thing.

every article about hashing has a sentence like this and every time I think the same thing, "wouldn't it be funny if..."

*star wars theme plays*

I... can't... stop... drawing... floppy disks.

clever. but a bit of a mixed message maybe.

when I develop interfaces, I try to make sure my test data is as realistic as possible

time to write some code. i hope nobody tracks my ip address.

to relearn me some emscripten (C,C++ to asm.js/WebAssembly), I ported @potsdamnhacker, et al's OpenOMF, a WIP open source reverse-engineered One Must Fall 2097, to the browser. only keyboard controls, however. wilkie.github.io/openomf/ mastodon.social/media/mGyJaqUf

do not use the llvm logo with the 'fixed' neck. weird alternate reality Möbius strip wyvern forever please. mastodon.social/media/2zXCGvHt

My boss made a WordStar joke so I added WordStar to the software archive and associated it as a viewer of .DOC files. This works pretty well, though I have some speed improvements I'd like to make. mastodon.social/media/XDPa56To

what you call an error, I call an eerily accurate description of my dating life mastodon.social/media/jlsyz_ka