there is something truly alluring about D&D floppy disks ❤️💾

snapped a drill bit in half. it's probably embedded in the wall somewhere. , kids!! (image cw: selfie, ec)

after restarting my machine twice thinking it had hung, I created the most useful post-it note in history

it's interesting when a remake is more ephemeral than the original, but when a consumer licenses a thing that is itself licensed, *poof* it disappears! if only we had a model where a community could safely "own" things.

cleaned and replaced the keys in this Amiga 600, a beautiful machine

somebody was taking a photo of the learning phallus so I did too

it's Friday, and this is the extent of mad science I'm capable of today

honing my pure CSS (no-JS) craft with this bistable perception study. math is fun, kids, and design is math.

a hint at what all that fucking math was about: this is pure CSS and it moves

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