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wilkie @wilkie@mastodon.social

i got a new pair of headphones and a new headphone amp, so you know what that means! (Second Reality is 25 years old?!)

uh yes. hello. I'm talking to you all at 1am because I spent hours learning that element.querySelector always starts its search at document root, and not at the given element. absolutely baffling, particularly if you have recursive DOMs. freaking heck it prints "C" and not "D".

every once in a while... I take a moment... and scroll through the ole zerglings as cats page by @jackiecider. and you should, too! it was the 5 year anniversary recently. wow. zerglingsascats.com/archive

had to write a patch for Blizzard's free Lost Vikings release because they released the MIDI version only?? it needs to be the SoundBlaster or bust. feels good to write a (simple) 16-bit app these days.

heck yeah got that million in Arctic Adventure Episode 2. that title font brings back some weird memories from somewhere else.

After a whole day of playing, Eska finds a way to rest while ensuring you can't sneak away.

Tempe, Arizona. Nice place. Hot and sunny, so I gained some freckles.

for the folks at home, that's $100 a cheez ball

Found some of my Nana's lost recipes. I love you Nana, but what the heck is Spanish about this casserole? (It is, contrary to intuition, kinda delicious somehow)

This is Gus. Pet Gus with your hand and get gently bit. Feet only apparently.

I guess this Tandy 1000 was my first computer.

I somehow tied myself into a knot and couldn't move. Being a snake is hard.

This is what I mean about promoting 'interactive archival' ... the ability to mix old and new. Yes, I can play the game. But I can also inexplicably take a screenshot and open that with a Minecraft skin viewer because that's what it means to be HUMAN.

do i upgrade my os or press 'ask me later'

the only necessary incel opinion piece is this fortune cookie imho