i think i want to reinvent my style to match Mario-64-DS-minigame-Luigi

sometimes i use the amazing vim command ":%s/\S/A/g | %s/A\s\|A$/AH!! /g" to have my code reflect how i feel. example follows:

ain't fooling me, gushers on a bus seat. i know an obvious trap / psychological experiment when i see one.

when you see older engineers yell at their computers, please be patient with them. remember that they learned programming before lowercase letters were invented

one of the nice things about playing with TinyEmu (a RISC-V emulator) is that google is all like "well, if you liked that then you'll LOVE these TINY BIRDS"

since the terminal emulator is, yanno, real... you can do all kinds of artistic things while still writing (and learning) very basic risc-v assembly. finally added RNG and system time polling system calls.

Added a RISC-V syntax highlighter for Rouge so I can start writing tutorials/lectures and documentation. Lots of polish. Made an icon around a dinosaur theme. Found some dinosaur art that I licensed. look at that little trex.

modified the emulator so I can query the register values from JavaScript. compiled objdump to JS so I can get a code listing that maps to the source file. pretty close to a RISC-V assembly playground that is a fully static webpage.

I added system calls to my now supervised kernel so it will run applications! I think learning assembly can be somewhat more interesting if it more or less runs a complete boot of a system. maybe let you change the kernel code, too, all from a webpage. It's 2019 y'all.

wrote a syntax highlighter plugin for Ace for RISC-V and have syntax errors mapping from gnu-as to the correct line.

we all need to be honest with both our present and future selves

now I have a proof-of-concept assembler and linker for the web (compiled a riscv gnu toolchain to JavaScript)

ahh. I did it. (proof: it says so) it took me 2 days but my little kernel has a virtio console driver. riscv bare metal printing shit out. holy hannah.

gotta love having any excuse to have a "make dump" command in your project. oh, and merry christmas everyone!

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It is VERY cool!! @newsfromkerri@twitter.com "This is my cousin’s new little neighborhood library in Coeur d’Alene. She had to remove a 100-year-old tree and made good use of the stump. Isn’t it cool?" 🐦 🔗 : twitter.com/newsfromkerri/stat

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