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wilkie @wilkie@mastodon.social

I've faced down or implemented each of these and I wasn't sure if width of a string or the sum of a set of floating points was harder. These birdsite people are very confident. lol. but seriously, string length/width feels impossible. Full poll thread is here: twitter.com/tef_ebooks/status/ mastodon.social/media/dBc1ZgXO

I found this early and it remained one of the best weapons for the entire game and that makes me so mad. Shut up, Chesley. mastodon.social/media/tOJ24nzQ

My bosses don't care much about my preservation features which preserve Jupyter notebooks (and individual python libraries) and can distribute and spin up servers. I suppose that means I can publish this work independently with just my name and not theirs. neat. mastodon.social/media/HTCm8S0a

Is your software becoming FRIENDS with other UNPROTECTED software? Take care to prevent your software from going to the, *gasp*, PUBLIC DOMAIN. mastodon.social/media/KDVd-wli

the first time I wrote a terminal emulator it was part of a telnet client I wrote around 1999 or 2000 or whatever so that I could cheat in TradeWars 2002. shut up I was 12. mastodon.social/media/zkaXIK3n

the fruit of this arcane knowledge is that I can start preserving the building and running of interactive terminal applications (and hopefully stuff from the mainframe era) mastodon.social/media/X4-cMt3Y mastodon.social/media/C_dI2bZ_ mastodon.social/media/7RvrhZ7c

Switching to my other computer until this security fiasco is fixed. Bonus: it boots in less than a second. mastodon.social/media/K3kHxSyM

starting the new year with this in my bed. because I don't have a table. thanks to JD for donating it to me. It is amazing how large the floppy drive box is. mastodon.social/media/YGDuWSSM

Ah. The enduring influence of Colossal Cave Adventure. Even pays tribute to it in 2017. mastodon.social/media/6i4r5E85

I caught Milton. [img cw: mouse!] They didn't fall for my decanter with peanut butter trap. However, in running away from that trap, they ran right into a small plastic bag neither of us noticed. Very relatable. mastodon.social/media/XKZeeAtG

GitHub's 500 banner makes me emotional. I hope the poor octopus cat thing lands in the water. poor little cat-ear squid... not their fault coders can't code. mastodon.social/media/kmsIcDSZ