this doom map editor has a pain elemental that reminds you to talk to your friends

This is a reply to Twitch suggesting that they turn off the game audio to avoid infringement.

Not legal advice, but, as I've said before, it seems very likely that streaming video games, which are made of licensed copyrighted content, is incredibly illegal. It feels so dangerous to have that be your career!

me: 💾's haunted

them: what??

me: *gets a heavy electromagnet* 💾's haunted

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I played Paganitzu, an old DOS game from 1991, to escape the news... only to find out the villain's dastardly plan is to install then, and forever bumbling, Vice President Dan Quayle as president. Sure. Why not.

I just hope that Biden will consider giving us the same access to healthcare as Pokémon.

this is one of those signs I expect to see in a Fallout game


first, fuck how close this is. second, within 100,000 and very likely a biden win. third, MY vote has not been counted. won't until tomorrow at earliest. yikes. yikes.

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I welcome all steeplechase runners who want a slight challenge to step up.

calling a protocol 'finger' was a serious mistake, but I respect webfinger for really leaning into the horniness of it, logo-wise.

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I found a nice log near a favorite spot in the cemetery for them. They were scared at first and grabbed on to my shoe, but eventually hid in the log. don't tell the hawks and owls where this is, thanks.

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this is just one of many reasons why dinosaur-shaped chicken nuggets frighten me


I'm a singular they, and I don't see me here.

I gave Milton some peanut butter, but they are not letting me take their cheese. Poor thing. Hopefully I can get them to a big park this week and they can use what they've learned getting caught by me to avoid the hawks and owls. (image cw: mouse)

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my skincare routine? bayer dithering (image cw: selfie, ec)

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