listening to some mods on this saturday night in a dos mod player in an emulated javascript thingy. because I'm cool.

my favorite TV Tropes page, and I'm sure we all have one, is definitely the inexplicable page describing DOS4GW

NEAT. My fellow undergrad computer architecture teacher made an S/R Latch (two NORs with feedback) in Factorio and it actually shows that it oscillates when S and R are both turned on and then off (the spooky scary invalid state!)

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I guess this is where all that worthwhile Elsevier money goes to.

the recommended email replies I get for requests my academic colleagues send me. i love the optimism.

i like how christopher walken's character, a hacker-turned-cyber-cop, in the great FMV game "Ripper" is the exact right age to be in one of my classes. (and that they still use paper filing systems in 2040)

Taako finds a new culinary calling on this episode of... (which is a real place I walked by in DC)

mfw your name is Psyduck but you are not a Psychic-type

I was wondering how long ago I got my hair cut... and... google tells me... AHHHHH NO THANK YOU

i'm also experimenting with black shirts and this tie which is apparently navy-ish unfortunately (cw selfie/eye-contact)

needed to make sure I could still tie a tie. the answer is no. (cw: selfie/eye contact)

wow. google messed up google+ privacy so much they are very seriously considering shutting it down to the public (as a precaution??)

i'm just a pierogi... yes i'm only a pierogi; sitting here on capital hillrogi

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