the problem is that packing the court to dilute the fascists in power is far easier than what needs to be done: change the core rules of government that allowed them in the first place

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Limiting Disney's copyright to two years because that's the life expectancy of a mouse.

"classical music is royalty free, tho" oh you poor baby

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this past week, twitch chats everywhere have been a bunch of millennials explaining copyright to zoomers and I'm here for their radicalization

calling a protocol 'finger' was a serious mistake, but I respect webfinger for really leaning into the horniness of it, logo-wise.

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oops my peertube should federate now. I forgot to remove my temporary .well-known rule for cert authentication so webfinger did not work. CURSE YOU BLAINE COOK.

@djsumdog oops. my fault. webfinger was routed incorrectly. I blame Blaine for everything webfinger related :) :) I think it should work, now.

@kai I've used it to host videos for course lectures in the past and it worked extremely well

@Gargron I have too, of course, and doomed myself to a life of typing it wrong forever

this makes me want to go back and record the initial dozen pre-covid lectures 😬

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I finally uploaded much of my videos/lectures to a permanent domain with PeerTube. Phew.

seeing Gary Kildall and getting angry at how Bill Gates and Microsoft did him dirty... and got away with it

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I'm enjoying laughing at this 1989 episode of The Computer Chronicles about advancements in laptop computers. (they were all very very terrible)

it is great to see my generation still keep up with and relate so heavily to the new generation. I hope that this culminates into a vehicle that will lead to revolution. If you don't like that sentence amend "metaphorically, through the vote!"

I need some of that candy conservatives think is getting passed out to children for halloween so I can get through election day. the timing is perfect.

i want to sleep. but i also want to eat an entire meal.

somebody posting the source code for youtube-dl (which was taken down by RIAA via DMCA) on social media encoded inside image files is our new DeCSS poetry

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source mirror of youtube-dl encoded as image with decode commands

convert -depth 8 yt_dl1.png rgb:yt_dl1.part
convert -depth 8 yt_dl2.png rgb:yt_dl2.part
cat yt_dl1.part yt_dl2.part > yt_dl-2020.9.20.tar.gz

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