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wilkie @wilkie@mastodon.social

ah, finals week. good luck on your exams, students, and then GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE

@rummik but I am happy for you all the same

@rummik I print often enough and my issues reduce to font incompatibilities and proprietary pdf bullshit

@karyl sounds familiar to me. maybe we work in the same office

a portuguese person got upset because I could read portuguese because I can read spanish and I was like, azucar is basically the same in both I don't make the rules. what do you want from me??

Thank you Ada for considering everything we take for granted as being computational. Thank you AT&T for being paranoid about the 1956 telecom agreement and benefiting everybody accidentally. Thank you Stallman, who is otherwise ridiculous/awful, for having trouble with printers.

I've drunk some wine so let me say this bumpy bus is not appreciated. But also, I'd be absolutely nothing without open source developers. Thank you for giving me 90% of my total potential.

I've drunk some wine, so let me say if you're mad at Ruby Together because it strong-armed some companies to pay money to open source development... Um... They should pay MORE. Pay us damn it.

Ah. Hmm. Nova Scotian government messes up its own information security and then arrests a 19-year-old fledgling archivist who merely scraped their public freedom-of-information servers. Cool. cool. cbc.ca/news/canada/nova-scotia

i shouldn't be so self-deprecating. it is DEFINITELY my goal to be better than people with PhDs.

floppy disk preservation at its best ( by Nick Gentry via flickr.com/photos/nickgentry )

I enjoy that moment, YOU KNOW THE ONE, when you interact with another genderqueer person and you both dramatically pause to try to remember if you've already met

"you were a better teacher than most of the CS lecturers" -- a student

it is definitely my goal in life to be better than average

@trevdev if you need to subtitle your ass this is the tool for you lol

I always read the credits of video games like "Lead Testers" like what did they do, lick the walls?

compiling libass is the best

@scanlime watching that and seeing the inventory and remembering that you need to take the shovel from the no digging sign. ooof... took me SO LONG. they really knew how to write horror back then.

this is a beautiful live rendition of the dynamic music of monkey island 2 and makes me want let's plays with live music youtube.com/watch?v=gsSc5_bec-

I wonder if hearthstone would be more fun and interactive if you could select a class for each deck to ban on the ladder.