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wilkie @wilkie@mastodon.social

well I've never been more motivated to dye my hair and paint my nails (in that order, of course; it doesn't work so well the other way around)

@sydneyfalk it was upsetting, of course, mostly due to thinking about how nail polish being distracting targets certain folks

I had a fun time today in a meeting where people took turns telling me all of the weird things about me and which were distracting to them or not. My nails occasionally being painted is more distracting than hair color; who knew.

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What a great run by @wuest (alongside developer commentary) for Wonder Boy! That fixed table RNG manipulation. youtu.be/0H_GyLLr3Zs?t=12m17s

if you do not know the joy of Minsc and Boo, his miniature giant space hamster, from Baldur's Gate (Jim Cummings) youtube.com/watch?v=GFzWbbNO_I

oops stayed up until 2am tearing apart the Baldur's Gate music. It is separated by musical bar and then played via scripts so it can be dynamic... but it also means I can create new arrangements by just putting all the pieces in a playlist and moving them around. very satisfying.

I've faced down or implemented each of these and I wasn't sure if width of a string or the sum of a set of floating points was harder. These birdsite people are very confident. lol. but seriously, string length/width feels impossible. Full poll thread is here: twitter.com/tef_ebooks/status/ mastodon.social/media/dBc1ZgXO

@envgen gotta go back in time and stop the word attractive from being invented. its the only way

I found this early and it remained one of the best weapons for the entire game and that makes me so mad. Shut up, Chesley. mastodon.social/media/tOJ24nzQ

@ivanvector teslas are compute GPUs for doing research, or, I guess, bitcoin mining I dunno haha

@ivanvector 300 teslas at 2,200 a piece... it always seems weird that ebay has questionable wholesale lots like this.

I hate tripping over my own feet because it is like being bad at something in spite of 30 years of practice.

(Computer Science people don't care at all for Jupyter or anything similar. Like, -100% care. They only care about FPGAs.)

My bosses don't care much about my preservation features which preserve Jupyter notebooks (and individual python libraries) and can distribute and spin up servers. I suppose that means I can publish this work independently with just my name and not theirs. neat. mastodon.social/media/HTCm8S0a

God I'm so behind on here. I know I'm supposed to make fun of Bitcoin but I've just been so busy lately. Sorry.