@meena ah, interesting. I don't know. there are certain cousins I consider siblings, though I don't use that term... but I have SO MANY of them.

all of my brothers and sisters and their brothers and sisters and their brothers and sisters are all united under the term "sibling" regardless of circumstance. it is how we do things.

trying to teach my nephew how some of their uncles/aunts aren't technically, themselves, brother/sister is a lesson in absolute chaos. Related: here's to my sister's brother's brother's brother's brother's sister, who is getting married in a few months!

@root when you first feel cold in either a physical or metaphysical or emotive sense

the trailer for that live action pokemon movie thing is confirming what we all knew was true: that such a world is absolutely terrifying

@sydneyfalk i'll start on your second point: that YT thing sounds cool and lowering the barrier for [young] people to like systems research (and learn to NOT reinvent things) would be nice.

for the first part, yeah, me too. unikernels and this "containers are a needed progression but wow does it indicate we did everything wrong" discussion *is* happening in systems, just very very slowly and chaotically.

I'm definitely strongly considering changing my google+ name from First Name "wilkie" Last Name "[zero width space]" to First Name: "Fuck" Last Name "Google" for oh so many reasons

listening to some mods on this saturday night in a dos mod player in an emulated javascript thingy. because I'm cool.




@sydneyfalk i'm into it. carries my point that you've gotta fork off of an older idea. it's so much work.

maybe I should create a new account on some ridiculous and pretentious mastodon instance for some very very technical throwdowns :)

if you don't care about supporting multi-userspaces and just efficient multi-tenant processes, then read some old school OS papers :) like... go learn about some System/360 and reinvent virtualization from the point it made the most sense to your problem. just my 2 cents.

i look at cloud and AI stuff and w/e "isolates" are and I realize computing has simply incremented slowly to a local maximum and I'm not sure what needs to happen to make computers actually work better

i bought some chocolate which now means I'm in an emotionally sound place to make a phone call!! ... after ... some tv

Me waking up early on Saturday: ”ugh, the weekend's almost over"

It's easy to make a website when you have a hot glue gun

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