for my mom's birthday one year, I found a BASIC code listing for a parcheesi game from a book and spent days typing it out.

typing out code from books would also be a good charity stream idea. and good for the kids to see how good they have it or w/e.

@djsundog we will be installing after dark from the 5.25" 💾 s certainly

charity stream ideas: installing obnoxious things

visual basic 3.0 professional: 9 💾s
windows 95 upgrade: 13 💾s
office 4.2 standard: 20 💾s
photoshop: 22 💾s
borland C++ 4.5: 28 💾s

*drags nails across a chalkboard... which we still have at this LIBERAL university* postmodernism

I'm always severely concerned when I hear somebody use a term like "SJW" or "political correctness" even if they say something agreeable. My first thought is still "who are you listening to? what are you reading?"

@root @Gargron @chillallmen what's REALLY wild is how brown eggs are still white on the inside. like, what was even the point of tanning them?

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c programs don’t read this␀programs which know better, hello

MIT has been a bit of an embarrassment recently. who do they think they are? Harvard?

@ssweeny who could have guessed that making something backwards compatible and not backwards compatible at the same time would cause problems

for god's sake will GNU just bump the damn soname

glibc 3.0 will be a greater disaster than gcc 5.2 libstdc++, which, wow, incredibly bad decisions were made. dual ABIs. pft. amirite, those 2 other peeps who know?

glibc development infuriates me but its like me and maybe two other people. i feel like 'computers are done bad' is something i understand waaaaay too much

if i accidentally walk into a room of GNU toolchain believers I just politely say "nobody actually implements POSIX" and quietly leave

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