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which Robert Tinney Byte magazine cover are you? I'm March 1983, aka "Stacks of Books and an Old Computer Heavenly Lit"

i don't scare easily or react quickly to a lot of things, but realizing youtube's autoplay mysteriously turned itself back on is one of them

webamp is really cool! It is letting me very nicely interactively archive/preserve winamp skins!

Forget Elon Musk... the people who come up with the names of Pokémon are the real geniuses.

I'm listening to music, writing music, thinking about archiving all of npm, drawing some icons, enjoying a peaceful saturday before all of my deadlines happen. good times!

scifi is a bit too ambitious about the future. it's gonna be the same as always: me, restless in bed, 142 years after-the-fact realizing the best retort to that thing that person said one time

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Hello. Did you miss me? Your internet girlfriend? Well, worry no longer, my darling, because Volume 8 is here at long last! 💋

god the US has the stupidest political conspiracies right now

A Monday deploy to production... before lunch. As you do.

I am very excited about how my work is progressing! everything is working really well somehow and my ideas are becoming practically implemented. very cool. feels good.

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Added the parallax of the mountains/cloud scene i worked the entire day. Still needs some speed tweaks. What you think?

i got a new pair of headphones and a new headphone amp, so you know what that means! (Second Reality is 25 years old?!)

somebody should do a cover album but it's all the songs that made it into video games that were originally pop songs or love ballads or w/e. Like Sweet Dreams in Sonic 2 or Narcissus from Cannon Fodder. know any others?

I can forgive websites having weird keyboard shortcuts if they stick to the one convention that "?" brings up a guide.

I rediscover every month, when focus is on the wrong window, that Vim navigation keys (J, K) work on the Mastodon website.

*witnesses somebody finishing something they started* w...wha. how did u do that??

what people think programming is: creating new things

what it really is: copying and pasting errors into google. copying and pasting that one class file. also that one Makefile. and of course that one capybara test... you know the one; yeah that one!

kids these days don't even understand just how many pixels we have now. so many pixels.

uh yes. hello. I'm talking to you all at 1am because I spent hours learning that element.querySelector always starts its search at document root, and not at the given element. absolutely baffling, particularly if you have recursive DOMs. freaking heck it prints "C" and not "D".

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