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my boss arranged my travel for this conference and the plane tickets he advises keep me in amsterdam for 5 days longer than I need. not so subtle push to take vacation time, I think. ok. let's do it.

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no matter what, the best thing I did today was call guinea pigs "furry eggs with legs"

wow. google messed up google+ privacy so much they are very seriously considering shutting it down to the public (as a precaution??)

mild salsa exists only to define an ontological basis for "medium," "hot," and "mango" and is otherwise pointless

i'm just a pierogi... yes i'm only a pierogi; sitting here on capital hillrogi

a paper hoax does not show the field is bad. you've only shown 1. the venue is not too rigorous and 2. if you try hard enough, you can get any paper through. that stuff specifically sucks but it doesn't magically say anything in general. reproducibility, not correctness, is still the goal of science publishing.

I suppose I like this way of framing the "getting obv bad scientific papers published" event because it says, in a way, certain people need to demonstrate a lack of credibility because they themselves lack that scientific credibility in the first place.

it was only 10 am this wonderful monday morning when I first thought "i can't wait until the weekend gets here"

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none of my friends want to go to amsterdam with me. what is the point of wealthy tech friends if they 1. won't pay my rent and 2. won't spontaneously travel with me on work trips

when I put on two socks that somehow match, I think, "wow! I'm gonna get so much shit done" and then I realize that it is 6pm

take me down to parallax city where the back moves slow and the front moves quickly

your selfies are getting me through the day. thanks for being so beautiful.

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once again, I find myself on a saturday where the only thing I can muster to do is watch yugioh motorcycle show, boost my own selfies, and appreciate your selfies. feels good.

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