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whenever I meet a stuck-up academic, I take a small amount of joy in subtly mispronouncing pedagogy in a variety of ways just to make the encounter worthwhile

maybe they're taking "eat the rich" seriously and drinking raw water and not vaccinating to dissuade us

Switching to my other computer until this security fiasco is fixed. Bonus: it boots in less than a second.

some css thing is maybe a pixel off somehow and, in spite of 100 other problems I should be solving, it is consuming my every thought

Meltdown is a bad name... but I guess that's what we get when we are naming a cache problem.

I love this shit so much!! even tho it means we have to essentially throw every modern CPU in the dang garbage.

I love these (several!!) CPU flaws because it's a really simple and comprehensible mistake created by over-confidence in simple and comprehensible optimizations.

bytecode interpreters in the kernel... heh... probably more harm than good right now

*reads CPU flaw PoCs* AHHH. That's WAY worse than the worst scenario I imagined!!

I've been reading over the kernel patches for the security fix. Wow... what a disaster this is gonna be. Exact nature of the chipset bug is unknown. Yet, CR3 updates in almost every context switch? hmm, paging/TLB flaw in Intel hardware?

I woke up at 6am and awarded myself with cookies for breakfast. because that's all I have but still.

starting the new year with this in my bed. because I don't have a table. thanks to JD for donating it to me. It is amazing how large the floppy drive box is.

Ah. You're a programmer and don't like timezones. Yet you still celebrate at your local midnight. I see. Very interesting.

people keep changing their avatar and name on Steam and I can't tell if someone is my ex, my ex, my ex, or my ex's ex.

They wouldn't let me teach Advanced OS! The instructor wants my input, and here is my rough course goals and initial papers/projects to discuss (without links, sorry, nobody has time for that):

my brain accidentally read somebody's name as Mac Cheese and now that's all I can think about

Fallout 2 Intro: I think the gun hating, knife throwing woman that got me through Fallout would be pissed that years later her legend refers to her as a dude by the guy that played Hellboy.

I started Christmas by defeating The Master and I'll finish Christmas attempting whatever Fallout 2 is about.

apparently they remastered The Logical Journey of the Zoombinis so now a whole new generation of children can be depressed when the sentient blueberry they identify with most is trapped on the wrong side of a gorge between imperialist capitalism and pacifist socialism

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