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improved some file listing support that automatically looks up any means of viewing / playing / interacting with any digital file within an archive (a zip file in this case alongside a javascript mod player) Digital preservation requires interactivity imo. Will write up soon.

i can't believe we got flying cars before we got corn chips that don't crunch

i need to find my good doppelgänger so I know what letter I'm supposed to write upside down on my cap

it would be cool if sending things into space, which we should definitely do, was controlled and funded publicly before it inevitably gets out of control

the most United States thing about the United States is how it always puts itself first in alphabetical ordering

*loads 10 hours of pipe screensaver with random teapots turned on* *stares and sips coffee* I think this is the best expression of my feelings of burnout.

*empties out pockets* *loose change, infinite supply of lint, an assortment of complex feelings and emotions about people I can't express*

How are you?
Normal human: good, you?
NPC in Professor Layton: Well, I have this cabbage, a train going 56 kilometers an hour, and a clock that is 3 minutes slow... So, you tell me.

Nintendo... Why can't I buy and download DS games on the 3DS??

Now that I can go to the doctor reasonably safely, I still hesitate because I've been trained to hesitate by being poor. I've emptied my bank account to pay for a visit to the doctor. I've had to choose which arm gets a cast. Others have it worse. This should not be a thing!!

*reads through undergrad proposal* they use the word 'muggle' in use-cases to refer to someone who is a non-technical user 🤔🤔

the best written expletive is <deleted> since it is always the worst thing anybody could imagine

there was a part of my life where I thought the phrase for when you appease authority via flattery was to "curry flavor." I miss those days.

Not saying either are absolutely correct, just enjoying how close it is to talking about how technical perfection antagonizes interactive experience.

I enjoyed John Carmack arguing against Blow and saying GC and frame dropping isn't detrimental to gamedev. Almost getting to the argument systems people usually hate/refuse-to-engage-with: that some interactive experiences aren't about technical merit, they are subjective.

some systems devs: "programmers who write web-apps don't know how to solve real/difficult problems"

so true! managing to make a stateful app using a stateless protocol reliable for thousands of people concurrently wherever they are in the world. we've never had it so easy!

"So, here we can opt to preserve the entire provenance of compiled software, but you see there is a trade-off. For instance, tiny NetHack needs maybe 30GB of storage though a lot of that is shared with other artifacts by design. Any questions?"

undergrad: "what is nethack?"


Amazon architect: "Ok. You ever heard that phrase 'those in glass houses shouldn't throw stones'? That's rubbish. Imagine this. Three. Giant. Glass. Bowling. Balls."

Mastodon Teal Name Policy: your name is actually a color. and that color is teal.

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