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I am finally replacing my work keyboard, a chiclet keyboard from Dell and the bane of my existence, with a Durgod Taurus which cherry browns.

taught my students imo the most important thing about JavaScript: you prefix every search with "mdn"

every article about hashing has a sentence like this and every time I think the same thing, "wouldn't it be funny if..."

Federated identity is sooooo hard! Yet, I feel like we're fairly close to a good solution for it. Anybody have a favorite paper/reading on the topic?

These 6.8% variable rate federal student loans that even death can't get you out of are a damn racket.

Terry Crews in Brooklyn Nine Nine makes me feel so confident about being myself even in spite of him being an absolutely perfect person

I suddenly remembered an embarrassing thing that happened over 20 years ago. I'd like to see a teenager do THAT. still got it.

Oh come on. Why does April fool's, aka avoid the internet day, have to fall on a day off.

I... can't... stop... drawing... floppy disks.

the worst thing about save icons isn't that post-millennials don't know what they are, it's that they spread the awful lie that 3.5" floppy disks are square

part of me is jealous because I could really use a 5-year grant, but damn if I'm not happy for these beautiful landscaping goats and their chill donkey

Is there a reasonable and documented non-financial incentive for validations of blockchain-style decentralized transactional stores?

every restaurant *gives you a sexy look* has a different idea about when I was born *bats eyes* free dessert every month

god, please grant me the confidence of people who post their covers of popular songs on youtube with the comments open

today is a metal covers of britney spears type of day

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an ode to that word
which ends its own

requiring a sacrifice—
another word's burden
so it may be part of
the unbroken once more.

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