Morgan and I are starting to loosely plan a "digital humanities" course using Racket & Scribble.

@willghatch Getting comfortable with DrRacket and Racket through the picture tutorial; writing an example document in Scribble; writing tools for yourself for document authoring (eg formatting images in your document, generating graphs based on data procedurally, etc)

if a longer course, it would also cover an intro to the command line and how to use version control to keep track of your writing history

@willghatch One reason it would be focused on scribble is I'm a strong believer in quickly getting people to the point where they can do something where they can see real output in a way they can imagine being useful.

Lots of academics author lots of things; focusing on Scribble helps bridge that gap faster is my hypothesis.

Actually being able to quickly teach people enough to be able to make useful things (and without having to learn several different languages) is part of the reason I made [rash]( You could use it in your shell portion, and students could still leverage their familiar Racket functions inside shell code.

@willghatch Hey, Rash seems cool! It's like eshell, for Racket!

It also seems slightly dangerous to combine the two... eshell also strikes me as slightly dangerous for that reason. ;) But maybe you have stronger separation somehow than eshell does?

But I definitely can see how this would reduce the "one more thing to learn" bit.

BTW have you seen scsh? I wonder what you think of it


@cwebber Also I find it great interactively with programs that output json or such, piping it to json-parse in racket, then piping that into normal racket functions and maybe back out to more shell commands in one pipeline. I plan to add a library of parsing functions for a lot of normal unix file or output formats as well.

There is a lot I hate about shell, but it is one of my favorite languages. With this Racket/Shell love child I hope to be able to just use one favorite language always.

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