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Before today, I knew: the reason Twitter was originally limited to 140 characters was so it could be transmitted over SMS (which was limited to 1120 bits, or 160 7-bit characters).

TIL: the reason SMS is limited to 160 7-bit characters is because Friedhelm Hillebrand, who was the chairman of the non-voice services committee within the Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM), found that a) the average sentence was <160 characters, and b) that matched the average postcard.

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Internet culture as such a weird combination of "everything is flawlessly recorded forever" and "you just had to be there". Everything is simultaneously permanent and ephemeral. We're drowning in records that have no context, and context that has no records

What do you do to GPS tag your photos from your traditional cameras? I can’t seem to get over this. I want all my photos to have location data.

Breadcrumbs is a dumb name for a navigation bar and the breadcrumbs metaphor breaks down when you use it for lateral navigation.

Jump Bar (Xcode) makes more sense. Navigation bar is much better than either and is more plainly obvious.


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I've been saying since the leaks in June suggested that the new Apple Watch display would be "15% larger" that it meant it would be square, not a larger rectangle.

Now I'll prove it to you.

The red rectangle is the existing Apple Watch's display. The green rectangle is a square that's exactly 15% larger (by diagonal measurement) than the red one.

And for good measure I slapped that leaked new face onto it.


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I think it's weird that anyone's block list is anyone else's business. I've blocked people because I didn't like their profile photo, or because they reminded me of the kid who hit me in the 8th grade, or because they're a family member and I wanted to keep those worlds separate. And I'm sure I've been blocked for similarly capricious reasons. Who cares? Blocking is just someone managing their inputs. It has nothing to do with you. Move on.

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Think it's time to go back to blogging and long form. Twitter and Mastodon just encourage dopamine nasty hits. Get angry about this tweet, hate that screencap (seriously, we're back to screencapping shit already?), uh oh that person said the wrong thing, let's get the pitchforks oiled up.

I've done all this stuff myself, and and I've seen all this stuff everyday from others. I'm still sick of it.

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The Mac needs a Mastodon client that is as good as @tootapp is on iOS. It's amazingly good software for a not-quite 1.0.

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In 1947 Bell Labs invented the transistor. This has made a lot of people very angry and been widely regarded as a bad move.

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The thing that pisses me off the most about this Wil Wheaton thing is that there is a bunch of us who were talking about essential community management tools and techniques a fucking decade or more ago, and we were all ignored. And now what we see is that the lessons we all learnt and discussed back then have not just not been learnt by today's admins, but the scale of the problem has been allowed to get out of hand. And now it's very hard to put the genie back in the bottle.

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For users:

Dogpiling and harassment are off-limits no matter how justified you think you are. The rules are for everyone.

Strongly considering adding screenshot-dunking to the code of conduct as well. We don't need that culture here.

Good to see a fully functional block button working in Mastodon.

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@eli They don't have any gamers in leadership positions, so all they have to go on are numbers, and the numbers look great!
Of course, that logic wouldn't fly for any of Apple's core competencies. But because they don't get gaming, they don't see past the numbers.

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Unsolicited Advice / Protip: 

Pro tip: unfollow anyone that makes your blood boil. Silence, block, whatever, and move on with your life.

Stop making the rest of us miserable, we're sick of hearing about celebrities ruining the internet.

They're just people, ya'll are the ones making them celebrities. If they're not the sort of person you enjoy interacting with, THEN STOP INTERACTING WITH THEM.

That is all.

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I love @pinafore. It has a simple and uncluttered UI, it is *absurdly* fast, and yet it retains all the main features of Mastodon. Also, the golden standard for webapps: it does not break the back button in the browser. What a beautiful piece of software you created here, @nolan, thank you! is a very nice mastodon web-client. Not native, but I like the simplicity a lot.

How do you copy and paste location info in on Mac? iPhoto let you do this...

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I’d pay for a plainly written guide that explains ssh keys, best practices for using them with macOS keychain, GitHub, and docker images.

It’s easily the most clunky part of my work environment.

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