@cqc I think your supposed to touch it to tell it you’re shivering

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@cqc @boreq barrelfish.org is worth looking at. Can’t really tell what Harvey is claiming to innovate on - seems to be coming from plan 9?

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If you are binge watching a lot of #35c3 talks, this python script could be interessting for you.


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adm.amsterdam was evicted this week :/

Heres a documentary with english subtitles from AT5 about ADM called 'The lost free state'


#adm #amsterdam

@shiro @mgr the word is “黑客” literally “black customer”, but due to pronunciation “hei-ke” is used as slang for hacker in Chinese.

As seen on this Toronto AC unit, the next cloudflare bug should really be dubbed cloudglare.

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