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Toot! Anyone wants to start creating a of 5 toots?

Ways to get :

Facebook likes / follow page / friends with reporter
Twitter feed / user / list
Typical news sites

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@wilornel and nothing sounds particularly interesting, everything is somewhat boring. I don’t even feel like sleeping, but I don’t feel like doing other things either

You ever get into this state after s where you don’t quite do anything specific but want to do something specific but do not know what? You want to be somewhat productive towards a certain but end up just ing and around...

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Useless #Google & #Amazon ebooks! Can't read without their (proprietary) apps. Anyone know where I can buy #DRM free ebooks? Popular ones!

I just learned or realized one really cool use case of twitter/mastodon type of networks. Retweeting/boosting allows you to share something you would like to share. When an event happens in realtime, you can follow many people and retweet/boost their posts that you think add to the discussion of the event. Some people will do this so much that their retweets/boosts are a nice feed to follow for that event. A friend of mine showed me that he has a “list on twitter”. Would be cool on Mastodon also

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I drifted about the house like a word looking for a sentence to nest in, and it wasn't until late in the day that I recognized that a man never escapes his loneliness simply by moving to another room.

What are some cool methods you developed to study?

Younger relative is bored and comes to my room to unbore themselves by chilling with me. I repeated to them that I have a lot of work to do. They have nothing to do. They like watching YouTube. I want them to pursue something they like. What do?

Toot! Anyone wants to start creating a of 5 toots?

me find the right place to ask: where do I find a user who posts nice photos?

finder? ? !

me find the hashtags that will help me discover the right hashtags.

I want help with asking about who to follow given some interests

@wilornel if he doesn't have a lock, he can ask front desk to keep an eye on his things or ask to have thek in a corner.

If anything happens, he can find a solution while in the gym. The point is to move a little bit.

How do I encourage my to hot the to and ? I keep telling him and he doesn't go...

I say there's no prerequisites. There is no NEED to have eaten before or NOT have eaten before. There is no need to be rested or tired. There is no need to know or not to know how to use the machines. There is no need for anything. If he's not dressed properly (jeans and boots), that's fine, he can leave his boots in a locker ans go with bare feet.

nothing in particular. I've found that I could not find anything engaging enough last year. I preferred the constant quick-checks at Reddit and Hacker News. You can't read a book in bite-size sessions. Or can you?

Why do I have to make an account for each instance I want to explore? @frode how did you find my toot? By looking at or @kubernetes hashtag? Does the search give you toots in all the instances that your instance can reach?

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