Sailed back to the nearest little inhabited nook we could find with a cellular antenna so we could upload our slides for NIME 2022.

It'll be our second talk done entirely with our little slideshow program Adelie. Rekka has drawn a bunch of beautiful slides for this, I will share it as soon as it goes online.

Today is , a day we remember the emancipation of enslaved Black people. Every day we aim to fight for equality and freedom and against racism and systems of oppression. Follow Black creators, listen to Black voices, learn Black history, so we can make tomorrow better

My Discord community has 777 members :D
The Rocket.Chat side has 425 members.

If you're interested in audio production on Linux and with open-source software - my community chat is a good place to be.

There's numerous developers there like Paul Davis (Ardour), Chris from Airwindows, Baconpaul (Surge) and many others.

You'll find a link to Discord in the home page here ↑

I promote Rocket.Chat as it's FOSS and self-hosted, as opposed to Discord.

Just in case someone needed to know (because I saw nothing but unhelpful/wrong answers online), the only tool you need to convert a stack of jpegs into an mjpeg is *cat*:

cat *.jpeg > a_video.mjpeg


Flatpak’s `create-usb` is so cool. It sticks the specified app and its dependencies onto a drive (e.g. flash drive or even network share) so you can install from it w/o hitting the Internet. Useful for offline deployments or corporate networks.

lol I just found old elementary OS mobile exploration sketches from 9 years ago. 💀

I checked website traffic stats and was pleased to see my first referrer of the day came from privacy search engine I actually get quite a bit of traffic from them so it’s not unusual.

Bad address: https://www.аррӏе.com/

Good address:

See the difference?

Me neither. The first one is using Cyrillic charset, the 2nd one - regular Latin

So, how to avoid getting shagged by the Bad Guys?

Not sure about other browsers; in Firefox, you go to about:config, find the network.IDN_show_punycode option and set it to true. From now on, any URLs based on charsets other than Latin will be shown as hex codes.

You're welcome.

Linux short-term contract job offer 

I'm looking for someone who can create a nice clean Linux PAM / Login system that allows login via Yubikey with some specific customizations. All the currently available solutions I've found along these lines are close but not completely what we need. The work would be creating the login system and how it gets deployed and configured. You are welcome to release the work as an open source project as well. Anyone vaguely interested should definitely contact me.

Don't send unsolicited mail, period. Ever. It's wasteful, and it doesn't work, especially for a digital product.


I got this in the mail from... Nothing says you care about privacy like sending unsolicited marketing spam. Never given them any personal details in my life.


I'm looking for a PCIe4 to dual or quad m.2-card. The servers we want to put this in supports bifurcation natively so there is no need for an onboard chip.

The goal is to be able to put in 2 or 4 *fast* m.2 / NVMe disks into a server with only one free PCIe slot.

This has been surprisingly hard to find so any help or boosts would be ♥!

Coming to GNOME Software: other apps by the same author! This is something I enjoy in elementary AppCenter; great to see it landing in GNOME, now. Thanks Tobias Bernard and others for designing, Milan Crha for implementing, and Philip Withnall for reviewing!

I'm looking for a 3D artist that can do low poly isometric renders in Blender for a bunch of 1080p stills to be used as featured images for my videos.
Anyone you'd recommend? Paid gig, obviously!

boost to pet the cat
     />  フ
     |  .  . l
     /` ミ_xノ
     /      |
    /  ヽ   ノ
    │  | | |
 / ̄|   | | |
 | ( ̄ヽ_ヽ)__)
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