There are many ways of investigating supernatural phenomena.

"Let's just shoot it" IS an option, but not always the best one.

Often people talk with me about practice and preparing for concerts. I tell them that cello playing is like sport, you need to practice every day in order to “remain in shape”. You can’t workout/exercise only one day before the race and expect to be prepared and similarly, you can’t practice just before a concert.

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I’ve noticed people in the #Fediverse sometimes having conflicts and misunderstandings more often than on other social media that may be based on issues of language and translation. It can be useful to aware that we’re much more likely to be communicating with people outside of North America, UK, and Aus/NZ English speakers, even when we’re interacting in English. There is less siloing here than elsewhere. There are linguistic and cultural differences that might not be immediately apparent. 😊

Time for a more timely boost.

NOW AVAILABLE: The Rusted Lily

Standalone long novella (50,000 words) of the 'Ghost Stories' series. Available in e-book and print. Go to the link below for the main book page.

Today was a successful day. I edited the first act of my draft and removed 15%. Pacing feels much better now! Sometimes it's good to have a day with a negative word count!


Jesus H Christ on a cracker. lived up to its reputation from the moment I woke up. How I managed to get back home in one piece, I don't know, but if anyone needs me, I'll be in my corner, comfort-gorging on brownies and tea.

One positive about being home sick is getting a full day dedicated to one's . I managed to get another chapter written for this book, and we're now at three chapters in. I'm hoping to get the first draft done by the end of July.

I use a lot of , , and as sources of for my own . This one was something I ran across over at Twitter, and I immediately bookmarked it. I'd love to a story around it sometime -- naturally, it'll be .

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