50% of my cherry harvest this year; i think the buds dried out last summer

@ebarrett sorry it is late but nematodes are the thing! you have to be at the right temperature but they work and are organic and don’t bother birds or hedgehogs

@quimgil hi! it seems i don’t check this thing much :/ anyway i am now in france, near geneva; hope you had a lovely visit and do hit me up if you are ever around here!

horticultural mastoverse: what are these white bug things on my indoor azalea? they do not appear to be able to fly and they don’t seem to eat the leaves or buds.

i want to find my and peeps on this thing, if you write about your or your , is there like a hashtag people use or something?

here is a selfie for these dark times

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got a couple new toys for christmas this year: a heated propagator and an led grow light. though it is -10C outside, it is the time to sow eggplant and peppers, and without heat and good light it is impossible. new lights are cheap to run (only 10 watts) and the propagator is not bad either.

when i got it, the buds were yet to burst, and somehow i wanna as hoping for all catkins. many more leaves than catkins tho, but i don’t mind

i got a strange thing at the garden store a few weeks ago, a grafted ornamental willow. i don’t know much about grafts, but i hear willow is pretty easy as far as that goes

hello again mastodon! been a while but spring is coming again, so that means gardening time

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