personally it's hard coming up with procedural generation again for the unity version, but, hopefully, it'll be worth it ... and i'll hopefully succeed at placing random tiles

i had to do a burner email to get back into the project (because for some stupid reason gamemaker studio 2 doesnt let you access old projects after your trial runs out :/) but i wanted to back up all the relevant scripts so i can refer to them and figure out what goes where...

today i was looking through colonymate's old code and commented a bunch of new comments on the map generation while i was backing up all the scripts


trans girls are so epic like im just saying but where would our world be w/o trans girls

everybody say happy birthday quixol. today is quixol's 4th anniversary!

Also also, more news!!!

With the update to mc 1.14.4, we bring with it: the reveal of Chroma Park!

Chroma Park is a sprawling theme park, with 5 different "zones" each with their own theme! It will serve as our party & games area from now on.

Warp: /warp ChromaPark

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Cross-posting this to mastodon:

It's official: Welcome to QuixolMC 1.14.4 Public Beta! 🎉🌈

It's been a long time coming, but we've finally updated our server. You can now join using the latest version of Minecraft Java edition!

Read about it on our blog, then go have fun in 1.14!

(server address:

Here’s skyler using a fortune 1 million pickaxe on a lapis ore block, while we were goofing off while working on a new quixol build project (coming soon!)

this spawned in about ~4000 item entities and dropped the server performance in half. also dropped me to 1 fps even on my very capable graphics card

power outages have me losing my fucking mind i just want power for a couple consecutive days please

i want a wingull. please. im wingullsno1fan on pokego i NEED a wingull

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