@raichoo "cant find server or its room list" - have connected to other servers from this instance in the past. (just added mozilla.org, works)
Did anyone else have this problem?

@craigmaloney When it tells me my >=32 character long password ALSO needs one of the following ".." special characters, it still sucks.

@Shufei @JordiGH Actually there's one example in Bavarian I can think of
"Sakrament" -> "Sackl Zement", where I couldn't find one in German.
But overall I think cursing in Bavaria is more normal than elsewhere anyway.

@fribbledom Once, on a laptop. :P

It's the stuff I play. Mostly MMOs, some other titles. Sometimes the launchers work on Linux, usually they don't.

I'm fighting non-working stuff all day, just not in the mood to have to fix games as well :/

E.g. with Borderlands 3 single player is fine but we couldn't play co-op. There are rumours Blizzard banned WoW players using Wine, not risking it, and the list is endless. I know people who play with Steam on Linux and it seems to be fine for many games.

@fribbledom Yeah I was pleasantly surprised when I tried it 2 weeks ago on a modern PC, everything worked flawlessly.
Sadly still shackled to Windows due to games, so not even dualboot makes sense on that machine :|

I'll never get why development on Windows has to be such a pain.

Linux "apt-get install g++ <qt...>" and it works.
Windows: Visual Studios + 3 Reboots and 30mins of googling later I can finally compile some hello-world-like Qt GUI project

I didn't build it for work, but everything seems to work (for work and compiling) nevertheless: f5n.org/blog/2019/hardware-upg

Board+CPU are rock solid, it's been 4 months so maybe your budget would be up for a beefier Zen2 CPU if you need more cores. Board+PSU are solid and work, but I should've taken a modular PSU.
GPU is old, so no idea what's current. For RAM.. maybe what's available when type/timing works.

@raichoo It's not about "not at all" but also "not just tomorrow, unplanned".

I only came in last week because I had a huge amount of HW on my desk. Plus cables ands network equip and a little bit of local infra that doesn't work over VPN (DHCP etc).

It was a on-off task, I'm not mad I couldn't do this from home, it has nothing to do with competence in this case. I *could* bring this home if this my job for a while.

This month, I fear for those who "grew up" and never let themselves create any more. Who have never expressed their feelings except by talking to people, and who are stuck at home alone for the first time in their lives, and are deciding to stream GoT or Walking Dead or something cheerful like that.

If you know this person, encourage them to take up... something. Anything. Pick up the childish thing they abandoned.

Have they tried curing coronavirus with the blockchain?

She lit the candles and invoked the demon's name.
"I am summoned for thy bidding."
She showed her app.
"Will this work?"
The demon studied the sigils, pentagram, and animations on the phone.
"Can I give you an alias?"
"Only names borne by no angel or demon."

Car dealer: This car is fully autonomous."
Me: "Impressive! Can it talk?"
Car dealer: "Of course!"
Me, to car: "Are you held here against your will?"

Back after 10 months and @fribbledom has actually delivered an alpha for a client :) yay \o/

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