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@citrustwee like, you know when you just make whatever meal from stuff you have left in the fridge? And sometimes it's really nice?
Like that, but computers, idk.

Still not sure if I'm happy with this KDE5 + i3 setup or if it has more problems than niceties.

Updated my entry: "A supported umb(4) usb stick or an old laptop with a umb(4) card is needed for improving movement between wifi and mobile networks in Den Haag, The Netherlands. Contact"


🙏 Support your local indie developer and upvote my new day counter app @yonks on ProductHunt:

proposed laptop sticker, boost if you think it's worth me tidying up and printing

*sigh* first account I had to henceforth ignore on the fediverse for nearly making me angry enough to write a snarky answer, just by means of getting this toot boosted to my timeline, without even knowing the people involved.
Maybe that's a sign it's getting enough traction?

What kind of GPU should I buy if I want to run #Wayland? If it'd double as a GPU I can play a few games with (under Xorg, mostly - for Windows gaming, I have an NVidia) that'd be grand. In-kernel, open source drivers preferred. Not going to buy another NVidia, either, Nouveau or not.

Oh, darn. It's update all the copyright headers time of year again.

I'm not good at being cheerful am I?

Shout out to all the librarians. Oh shit sorry.

Me: “uh I need one of those ‘drunk octopus that wants to fight’ things for my wall”

Home Depot employee: “you what”

Today I awkwardly learned it’s a double robe hook.

Eagerly awaiting the meme generation growing up enough for products to be renamed.

Remember you can reset your resolutions on January 14th (Orthodox New Year) and February 16th (Chinese New Year). After that, even I can't help you.

retoot if you think you shouldn't bite holes into thinks just because the texture is nice

trying to prove a point to my bird

Which 3D printer would you recommend to someone who got little time for fine tuning and constant maintenence of the device?

In other words: sturdy and accurate over speed, auto-levelling and filament sensor are probably a must-have?

Looking forward to seeing your recommendations!

me, coding in C#: i wont be a real dev until i code in C++

me, coding in C++: i wont be a real dev until i code in C

me, coding in C: i wont be a real dev until i code in assembly

me, coding in assembly: i wont be a real dev until i destroy god & supplant him as creator of all
0edit did it again. If you liked neotokyo OST you'll love this one too

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