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Divinin' Tᴴᴱ Bᴬᴿᴼᴺ ?

Cast the bones, deal the cards, or gaze into me limpid pool of tags.

(obscure is good)
(doing my own)
(naturalist at heart)
(my exit plan)
(long-form especially)
(broad interests)
(dark ecology stuff lately)
(my opium)
(would like to attain it)
(in everything)

Free-thinkin'. Non-conformin'. Believin' in the barter system, and doin' it yourself.

Settle it with axes.

tired: joining mastodon.social, treating it as a centralized Twitter-like, making two complaints about “toot” and leaving

wired: joining any other instance with a community that reflects who you are, SURF THE FEDIVERSE

Mass starvation is a real potential, not far away.


There are way too many humans. And too many of those eat way too much meat. And to much ag goes to feeding cows. And the world’s ag lands are becoming infertile. And groundwater that feeds them is drying up. And large wild animals will die-off first. And humans would rather watch it all happen than stop breeding and stop eating meat. So what’s the only solution across it all?


Get busy. Eat the rich first.

Watched Zulu last night but missed the first 30 minutes. Crazy movie. One of the protagonists was kicking everybody’s ass and I didn’t recognize him. Found out at end it was Orlando Bloom! Impressed with that role.


kills the idea
of being
in an age
of black
and white


cage, the idea
of being
in chaotic times
between wrong
and right

Maps.me is a great app to navigate from

.Me is more than a source of directions. It’s a database of roads, schools, squares, shops, and other landmarks that programmers have plotted through open source mapping (a Wikipedia–like system, where anyone can add their knowledge), places that otherwise would have been left largely off the radar.

You can download the mobile apps for iOS and Android from bit.ly/2kMSbBL


My grandparents decided to learn Welsh when they were 65. After two years of lessons in it (and talking Welsh with me at home, I was going to a Welsh school and was already fluent), they were fluent. My grandmother, around the same time, decided to overcome her phobia of water and had me teach her how to swim. She'd swim laps with me in the pool up into her 80s.

You're not too old and it's not too late to try something new.

For the love of all the gods, we need toot editing abilities. 😖

(One more time *with* photo.)


There’s a story being told in this medieval book art drawing. Can any put it together?

Answering coming tomorrow.

I received the most beautiful thing in the post from @wentale

Yes, in the post, through the letterbox slit in the front door - from her hands to mine, half a world away.

It's a map: folded, complex, unique. I am asked to complete it, adding colour and meaning.

It sits with its handwritten purple card, next to my bed, waiting until after my concert Wednesday, when I will relish devoting attention to it.


Free Short Course: Cyber Warfare and Terrorism Show more

Mastodon Archive will soon support the “expiring” of your data, deleting all toots and unfavoring als your favorites older than a certain number of weeks, defaulting to four weeks.

If you want to support Mastodon but don't want to use Patreon, we have a @Liberapay page: liberapay.com/Mastodon/

However those pledges are anonymous, and I cannot put your name on the sponsors page or unlock Discord access based on that. I really wish Liberapay at least allowed *those* things.

Liberapay is now officially a multi-currency platform! We have implemented support for US dollars in addition to the euro. Blog post: medium.com/liberapay-blog/libe

#Patreon is a startup.

Startups will always fuck over their user community at the behest of their investors. Always.

Where my goils at? Where my grills at?

There can only be one (Baron).

Is there an catering somewhat to , , type topics and the like-minded? You know, stuff that concerns the survival of our species, and all the other better ones. Or is that just general interest fodder?