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— which get worse every year around the world — are one of the early and deadly threats from nature due to increasing human impacts on . They can be a threat to cities too.

Watched "Under the Skin" last night for the first (and only) time. It's, a slow-moving and bizarre sci-fi art film thing from 2013(?) starring Scarlet Johansson.
It seems to be about aliens who need human males for some reason, whether to eat or who knows what. They're selectively seduced by Johansson, while male aliens act as cleanup crews when things go awry.


Man, I sure do miss my account. When I use this one, I feel like I'm investing money in someone else's retirement. I feel stifled, not able to say/share the things I want to say in the right classroom.

I can see my account there from this one, but I can't access it. Not sure what that's about.

As hard as it is for most Americans to accept the fact that the government isn't going to stop or protect us from the Nazis, there is something liberating about it.

We're going to have to do it ourselves, which means looking out for one another, learning how to defend ourselves and erecting support structures to replace the government's impotence.

It means instead of nationalism, we're going to rally behind an ideology rooted in compassion and in opposition to fascism.

That's progress.

It's amazing how fast commenters veer from the main subject and points in their efforts to sound intelligent. They talk about the merits of debate, but they don't know the first thing about it. The irony is surely lost on them all.

It's also amazing how so much 'internet freedoms' blather is centered around the US constitution, as if the rest of the world gives a crap about their okie amendments. Nationalist navel-gazing 101.

Our brains are wired for tribalism.

And personality quizzes are mostly bullshit, but we like them because they're entertaining.

Anarchists and the antifa: The history of activists Trump condemns as the "alt-left"

Spent the past two days or so removing my writing from Tumblr and putting it on my real blog.

Not thrilled with Verizon, who owns Tumblr.

Also don't like that Tumblr doesn't let people make their primary account private.

I'm removing myself from social media that refuses to allow me to easily filter out people that I don't want to know.

Of interest to people looking for YouTube alternatives:

"Four months ago, @Gab and René Röderstein crafted Hubzilla plugins for hosting and for playing WebTorrents on the grid. WebTorrents are a way to share files using BitTorrent that loads completely in the browser. It is impressive technology..."

Definitely need to set this up. This looks like The Answer (or at least A Really Good Answer).

...after I upgrade to 2.6.

I doubt most people promoting the idea of 'punching nazis' has done it themselves. Counter-protesting at a safe distance doesn't count.

Standing up to a crazed radical, whoever, within an arm's length can get you killed if you don't know what you're doing nor have the nerve for it. Especially if that person is ready for you.

Watch for knives, they come out of nowhere at the last second. Take hand combat training. Be ruthless, and ready to kill, because they are.

Else stay clear. Throw rocks.

Does anyone know if there is an instance for metalworkers? Like welders, and machinists.

"I know it's around here somewhere..."

Seriously, though, the last thing you want to do with your bottled water on a scorching hot day is waste it. It will do you better inside than out.

So glad I don't have this, er, affliction.

Trivial Pursuit, 80s edition.

Nothing's changed.

Everything wrong with society in one tweet.

Google is aggressively using its monopoly to advertise Chrome.

"Google is aggressively using its monopoly position in Internet services such as Google Mail, Google Calendar and YouTube to advertise Chrome."

Do we really want a WWW dominated by one big company? I hope we learned something from the past!

#Chrome #Firefox #Open #Web

The Myth of Drug Expiration Dates

Like supermarkets that toss perfectly good food, hospitals and pharmacies are required to throw out expensive drugs and medicine when it expires, but most of it is still good, by a long way.