@tamonten You seem like someone who might know the answer to this..
My neglected bike needs a new inner tube. Inner tubes no longer appear to be as straightforward as I remember 😅

The type has the following written on it:

35-622 (28 x 1.35 - 700 x 35C) HS369

Is also a Presta valve. Could you help translate these numbers for me so I can order the right tube and try to cycle away my growing belly? 😁

Trying to find a balance of sharing photos and updates of life in a way that lets be better “own” & control my data without adding barriers to friends & family viewing it but also not making it fully public.

Any ideas?

Do you like ?
Want to hear some of the more melodic newer stuff?
Say no more! I’m slowly building this Spotify playlist 😁


How is it I never knew that the Wii U gamepad has a built-in sensor bar?!

Is there a “de-googled” Chromium browser that offers auto-updates but isn’t Brave, Edge, Opera, or Vivaldi?

Using Iridium currently which is solid and snappy but the need to manually watch for & install updates seems like a security compromise I’d rather avoid.

Started playing Ni No Kuni Cross Worlds, but I don’t think I’ll stick with it.
Visually beautiful, story seems enticing, but the whole game basically plays itself. All I’m doing is watching my character run around automatically and conducting their own battles with my interaction limited to tapping dialogue screens.

I really like online communities, bringing people together.

Problem is so many (outside of the techie / privacy advocate circles) use endless Facebook groups.

Let’s set aside the ethics of Facebook a moment, my big problem with this is that Facebook is just plain difficult and unpleasant to use now.

It’s convoluted, inconsistent, messy to get to specific pages or groups.. it’s HARD WORK to use it.

That’s not what a social network or community hub should be.

Is there an email service that offers more or less feature parity with Gmail?

I’ve been generally using less Google services (though I can’t deny Maps is still tremendously useful), but a challenge in considering moving email is storage.

Outlook has a silly deal-breaker in that a contact in the address book may have no more than 3 email addresses, so that’s not an option to move to.

Others have nowhere near enough storage capacity to import my gmail archive 🤔

No one I know really uses Telegram, but that it can run from usernames instead of just phone number I see does add scope for being a route of contact from the wider web.

For for excrement and giggles here’s my telegram handle: @wiredfire

Oh for f..
Ok, suggestions for search engines to replace DuckDuckGo as my primary given they seem to be more deceitful than I’m currently cool with?


What’s worse is they have almost certainly been replaced with 80/90s “classics” that, if we were there, we would fully not realise they were being played ironically.

But the joke’s on them, because only we know the strength to ask What is Love, and about guy in the place with the bittersweet face. So, yeah.. chalking a win up for the 30+ crowd.

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I was somewhat uncomfortable when I figured that when I was a youngling and heard Mum listening to the "golden oldies” 60s radio is chronologically the same as 80s/90s music is today.

And why the balls did people in their late 40s put up with the music of their youth being called “golden oldies”?!

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Why are so many app designers so keen to make their app icons blue 🔵?
It’s bad UX, makes apps that little bit more frustrating to find visually. Worse when some are so similar in design too. Raindrop.io and OneDrive are examples of absurdly similar icons in design and colour scheme.

Joined a conversation about usage of words. Someone attempted to bate me into an argument about capitalism then blocked me.

Turns out Mastodon can be just as weird a place as Birdsite 😆

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roses are red
violets are blue
in surveillance capitalism
poem reads you

and shows you ads
for flower shops
and tracks your clicks
and never stops

it cares not about
if privacy's harmed
the money is green
when people are farmed

twitter is cyan
facebook is blue
your friends are the product
and so are you

My fedi-friends in , is the election result a good one?
I appreciate that’s somewhat subjective, but I’m very disconnected from Australian politics. Hoping the new government can right some of the heavy-handed policies of recent years there.

Wait, there’s a Twisted Metal TV show coming out? That passed me by! Will be intrigued.. I’m not sure the Twisted Metal games were all that heavy on plot 🤔 The premise looks fun though.


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