Any friendly video games instances anyone could recommend? 😊

Wait, can I only be signed in to one server on the iOS app??

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I’m still trying to find my way on Mastodon. Somehow I got into birdsite so long ago by knowing a few actual people already on it to follow & help find content. I don’t know anyone on the fediverse which is making finding folk to follow and interesting content challenging. No local timeline on the iOS app certainly won’t help there.

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iOS app, lovely stuff. Though without the local feed I’m not sure how great it’ll be for the smaller communities. The federated feed was unusable & makes sense not to be here, but the local feed is useful and arguably essential for themed servers.

I think sometimes it's ok just to say "I don't care today". I'll care tomorrow, but today I really don't think I do.

UK Politirant, something something Boris Johnson.. 

Boris Johnson on course to be the next Prime Minister with zero democratic mandate.

I said this when Cameron cowardly ran away, and I say it again. If the leader of the political party that is in power steps down that should ABSOLUTELY immediately trigger a general election. It's utter lunacy that this madness is permitted to continue unabated.

Bah, rabble rabble.

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I listened to a podcast episode about the environmental impact of clothes manufacturing. It's not something I'd thought about, but the impact was colossal.

So I'm making an effort now to buy more, if not all, of my stuff used now probably from charity shops and the great and bountiful land of eBay.

Working from home may have limitations around my step count, but at least my monitor has a useful size and resolution to work on rather than the cronky old nasties I squint at in the office, heh.

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It's ridiculous how bad my ISP's DNS is.
It's infuriating that they use a transparent proxy to override me changing the DNS settings on my devices.
It's satisfying to use various tools to implement DNS over TLS to work around their bullshit and get my internet working properly.

Need to do some work merging backups to get everything back right, but I can rest easy that they ARE there. Still love you, Sorbet. Always will. You are never, ever, far from our thoughts, little one 💚

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Just got worked up because I thought that through some glitches with syncs and backups a few weeks ago that I'd lost a chunk of my diary entries. Most of my diary is fluff, but these missing entries charted the couple of weeks leading up to having to part ways with our beautiful feline girl, and as painful as it is I really wanted to have those entries.

I'm very thankful that I've found them again in a backup file.

Worked from home today. My step count only fractionally over 2500, and I've not drunk enough water. Saved petrol so that's less CO2 output though so I got that going for me which is nice 😜
(Fish and chips for dinner too.. -25 health, +15 cheer. Will attempt to address the stat imbalance next planetary rotation)

Stretch goal: is there a Plume Android app of some description?

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So, Plume blogs. Is there a way to automatically link them to a Mastodon account to bounce into a profile over here? Or have I, and this is entirely possible (probable, even), wildly misunderstood the concept?

The fediverse is undeniably great, but also mildly perplexing on initial look 😁

Evening cat tax. Putting on shoes has become more challenging.

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The fitness band tells me my resting heart rate is higher than I would like. Far from dangerous or excessively worrying but still something I feel action needs to be taken on.

Hoping this actually sufficiently motivates me to get cycling to work and walking around a lot more.

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Fitness band doodad charging and synced t'phone. Now I can analyse to the precise degree exactly how little exercise I am undertaking. Victory! 🏃🛋️

"As most of us spend more time than ever online, we're increasingly worried about harmful content - and also more likely to come across it"

I've been online since 1996. I've never once accidentally been subjected to "harmful content". Utter tosh.

What's that? Potential consequences for deliberately lieing in public office? Maybe there's some hope yet. More of this sort of thing! Hold the lying slimy bastards to account!

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