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the very idea that almost none of my people have been educated and given cybernetic opportunities such as this and when we did y'all got to send COINTELPRO at us and then claim a "big bang" of optics such that only your "social scientist" (like Steven Pinker) could see the way back through awkward mathemes;

but the major point is despite how much we present as the complexity of this argument, our sources are not acknowledged; it's not even acknowledged that we've made an argument that has any..

internal loigc worhty of understanding; which is exactly the motivation for our frustration in the first place mastodon.social/media/YvvtzpuH

we are literally born into a world where the metaphors we used to rationalize our struggle get reflected back on us as strict limitations on what we are capable to perceive;

our optics gets defined for us

∀hª @wittysense

clinton: "y'all some predators"
obama: "y'all need to get out more and see the world"

thanks, capitalism

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