We have a few wood pigeons that come into our garden, this is the first time I think I've seen one sunbathing on the lawn.

I made a joke about Fox Hunt previously, but I note that Jeremy is now talking about allowing another vote on hunting in England.

Whenever you hear a politician talk about allowing another vote it is usually coded language for: I want to reverse a decision.

Killing animals for entertainment isn't a problem if it gets a few votes for Jeremy.

#FoxHunting #JeremyHunt #Tories #Conservatives #nature

Sunset on Tatooine? No, just a time-lapse through double glazing.

Three Catalan MEPs weren't able to take their seats in the EU Parliament today. Why? Because the 3 Catalan leaders are either jailed or in exile. A huge march in Strasbourg, and three empty seats highlighted this injustice.

#Puigdemont #Junqueras #Comín #Catalonia #Catalunya #EU

Anyone coming to #Edinburgh for the #Festival(s) in August?
Overwhelmed by the choice of events and looking for a way to narrow the selection down?
Ask the venue whether they've signed up to the #FairFringe charter to make sure that their performers and other workers are getting treated fairly:

We took the dog down to Belhaven beach today. She had a good run and is tired now.

asking for money, edinburgh folk plz boost 

This was the view back up the Tay valley as we crossed the only hill on the route.

We completed another stage of the Scottish National Trail at the weekend, Aberfeldy to Pitlochry. At Little Ballinluig we saw some sand martins nesting in a bank of earth. Is it still called a nest if it's a hole in the ground?


Israel/Palestine (a + step for once) 

This is not a good report on extreme poverty and human rights in the UK by the UN.


European Citizens’ Initiative: End the aviation fuel tax exemption in Europe.

It’s kind of a #petition?


At 1 million signatures from 7 countries the European Commission decides what to do. Anyone in the EU can sign.

#environment #climate

We got back into the Scottish National trail yesterday and completed the stage to Aberfeldy. There were lots of grouse and lambs about. The end of the stage through the Birks of Aberfeldy was nice if you like waterfalls especially the Falls of Moness.

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