Bummer. I've just received a citation for jury duty at the High Court.

Here are the top 5 BBC "stars", in descending order by their annual salary.

Gary Lineker: £1,750,000+
Chris Evans: £1,250,000+
Graham Norton: £610,000+
Huw Edwards: £490,000+
Steve Wright: £465,000+

I neither contribute in any way to their salaries, nor have I seen any of their work. However I consider their salaries to be obscene amounts of money for presenting some TV programmes.

#BBC #media

Spanish justice & democracy, eh?

For organising a referendum the following Catalan political leaders have received these jail sentences:

* Oriol Junqueras: 13 years
* Raül Romeva: 12 years
* Jordi Turull: 12 years
* Dolors Bassa: 12 years
* Carme Forcadell: 11.5 years
* Joaquim Forn: 10.5 years
* Josep Rull: 10.5 years
* Jordi Cuixart: 9 years
* Jordi Sànchez: 9 years

It is a disgrace. Even worse is the almost complete silence from the EU.

#Catalunya #Catalonia #democracy #Spain

Get ready for the BIG one.

Independence March & Rally
Saturday October 5 2019

Gather early, leaves 1pm sharp,
Holyrood Park to The Meadows.

Expected attendance: 100,000+

#Yes #independence #Edinburgh #Scotland #AUOB

In 1834 John Scott Russell (1808–1882) observed a solitary wave in the Union Canal, this was the first observation of what's known as a soliton or solitary wave.
This phenomenon was used in an episode of Star Trek The Next Generation memory-alpha.fandom.com/wiki/S

Some fun facts about the Union canal:
The aquaduct carries the Union canal which runs between Edinburgh and Falkirk. It was built as a contour canal to follow the 37m contour and is 31 miles long.

We had a walk round Muiravonside Country Park this morning and out to the Avon Aqueduct.

kickstarter boldly declares "fuck you" to union organizers

> It says, in essence: drop dead. We do not care what you think. We do not want a union and we are going to try to stop one from forming. We will fire union organizers if we want to, and if they complain to the National Labor Relations Board, they will be facing our lawyers.


Make of this what you will. Allegedly:

"The key scandal here is not his sexual relationship with Arcuri.
It’s Boris."


#BoJo #MiloYiannopoulos #Breitbart

climate emergency 

I was startled by a frog in the garden so we put a shallow dish of water out for it. Half an hour later and it's made itself at home.

"#Homeless people are being denied access to #AffordableHousing because #social #landlords are routinely excluding prospective tenants who are deemed too poor or vulnerable to pay the rent, a study has revealed."

Making #profit out of #poor & #vulnerable people? 🤢



There were female pheasants there too but I couldn't get a decent photo as their plumage blended into the dry grass where they were standing.

We came across a few pheasants on the route that weren't to bothered by us even though we had a dog. There were also a lot of red admiral butterflies and a heron on one section. We kept disturbing the heron and it would fly up the burn we were following until it decided that it was going to back to where we first saw it.

We walked the John Buchan way yesterday. It was a pleasant walk through the rolling hills of the Borders from Peebles to Broughton.

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