A fascinating look at how things used to be done.

Driving between Glasgow and Fort William either meant a long drive around Loch Leven, via Kinlochleven, or getting the Ballachulish Ferry.

This video shows the ferry crossing in 1926.


#ferries #Ballachulish #Argyll #Lochaber #Highlands #Scotland

Moving on nearly 50 years, here is the same ferry crossing at Ballachulish. This cine film was taken in 1973.


#ferries #Ballachulish #Argyll #Lochaber #Highlands #Scotland

The ferries from 1926 & 1973 used the same concept of a turntable to make it easier to get vehicles on/off the ferry. Modern day turntable type ferries still exist. Just a few miles north of Ballachulish is the Corran Ferry.


#ferries #Ballachulish #Argyll #Lochaber #Highlands #Scotland #photo #photography


It's looking likely that we'll be going on that ferry in the next couple of weeks followed by a trip on the Lochaline to Fishnish ferry.

Forecast is good for Friday (to-morrow) to Monday. Are you taking the camper?

Did you ever manage to get that manual fully translated?

We can't get away until after Tuesday.
I got a reasonable amount of the manual translated then a few weeks ago the campervan company emailed us their translated version.
I translated more than they did and it confirmed that a lot of my translation was fairly accurate.

Oh well, not too bad then. I suppose it only matters if there are things you don't know how to operate.

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