Picked up the heavy cast iron frying pan to move it to the other hot ring.

I'd completely forgotten that I'd pre-heated the pan in the top oven for 5 minutes.


#dumb #cooking

@fitheach ouch, definitely been there before. Once when I was working the line at a restaurant I slipped on something and reached out to catch myself, only to realize that I'd just put my whole palm down on the flattop grill :oh_no:

Hope your blister heals up quick


@balrogboogie @fitheach
I once tried to turn off a heating block in the lab and accidentally put my fingers on the hot bit. I didn't get blisters, the tips of my fingers turned white and went hard. The block was set at 750 deg C.
That hurt for a few days.

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Sounds like you were lucky not to have permanent damage.


@fitheach @balrogboogie
Yes, there was no scarring or any other visible evidence of it after a few weeks.

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