Watch out for reusable bamboo mugs.

"Bamboo mugs are made from a melamine resin reinforced with bamboo fibres. While they are reusable, they are often marketed as eco-friendly, even though they aren’t biodegradable. Melamine resin is a polymer and in itself not dangerous, but its monomers – 1,3,5-triazine-2,4,6-triamine and formaldehyde – are toxic and can cause cancer."

@wizardofosmium ....what's wrong with just reusing ceramic mugs? why are bamboo mugs a thing?

That's a very good question. I suppose it could be that bamboo mugs are lighter and less breakable. I can't think of any other reason for them.

@cdmnky @wizardofosmium they're lighter and don't break when dropped

that's the general idea…

@meena @cdmnky
That's not much of an advantage if the disadvantage is cancer.

@wizardofosmium @cdmnky we've been fucked over by the food industry with HFCS because it's cheaper than sugar, just to name one thing

i don't have very high expectations at this point

@meena @cdmnky @wizardofosmium

Is this like true of other plant fibre plastic cups? My spouse got a cup made out of some some sort of coffee fiber.

@celesteh @meena @cdmnky @wizardofosmium the only plastics I *really* trust as food safe are (HD)PE, PP and PLA. Everything else has possibly weird leachates, although I personally think the risk is small and I won't avoid drinking from them.

You generally have no idea what '7 - other' consists of.

Only codes 1 - 6 are economically recycylable.

Watch out for 'BPA free' PC! They just at BPE or similar which is pretty much the same. ...

@celesteh @meena @cdmnky @wizardofosmium ... Last I read into the topic, bacterial build up is much more of a real world risk in most cases than the effects of leachates, and its important to occasionally/regular use a dishwasher/warm soapy water.

My 2c from my chemistry degree ;p

@douginamug @celesteh @meena @wizardofosmium i don't know much about plastic, I'm just a CS major lol

but e-waste recycling, you don't even wanna think about that industry..
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