Honesty, if Ubuntu ships Eoan with GNOME Software 3.30 again, I'm going back to Debian.

*Realises everything in Sid is still at 3.30*

Uuuuh maybe Endless? What about Arch?

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@mjog If you do give Endless a try, let me know how you get on. We'll have GNOME 3.34 in our next release (due in late October) and we've embraced the "immutable base system with few apps, everything else from Flatpaks/containers" future. Not quite "minimal bootable image based on FDO runtime" but not so far off…

@mjog That said… we're still on GNOME Software 3.2x in the currently-released eos3.6 branch. eos3.7 (internal development branch) currently has gnome-software 3.32 + a huge pile of backports from what became 3.34.

@mjog I'm confident Sid will have 3.34 soon – it's all landing in experimental.

@wjt Oh, cheers, it's slowly showing up in Eoan too. After Michael C's complaints about Ephy being out of date, hopefully everything will get updated?

Will let you know if I do check out Endless!


@mjog I think sid is on 3.30 because that's what buster released with, so 3.32 was only ever on experimental to make it simpler to ship 3.30 bug fixes during the buster freeze

@wjt Hmm, I assumed there was more coordination between Ubuntu and Debian than that (Dingo shipped most of 3.32 after all), as in packages were uploaded to Debian first then imported into Ubuntu, but maybe not?

@mjog yes, many of the same people upload many of the same packages, but on the Debian side they ended up in experimental rather than sid because of the buster freeze

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