grant me the strength not to install windows just to play the goose game


grant me the additional strength not to buy a switch

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@wjt when in dire need of making a choice, prefer the Switch over Windows, anytime 🤔

@aperezdc only one option is gratis and doesn't clutter up the flat with more toys I don't use, though!

@wjt Fair enough! Though the Switch is a cute device, specially if one can get one of the units where it's amusingly easy to installed some Real™ operating system 😜

@wjt @aperezdc To be fair, the Switch doesn't take much space near the TV, or in the backpack. At least, that's what I'm telling myself…

@wjt @aperezdc If only you knew someone who could get you Windows on the cheap

@wjt Ditto, but I heard the latest Zelda is ridiculously good... 😅💦💦

@wjt I lost that battle a long time ago, and now I'm basically all in

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