“The rest of the church noticed the dog during the Sign of Peace”

@brainwane is posting some really good stuff on MetaFilter at the moment.

@wjt Glad you like it! :-)

Under MeFi's updated self-linking rules it is now okay to post work by a friend under some circumstances, but I have still been leery of using this series to link to Leonard's fiction. If you want to make a post about any of @leonardr's short fiction that's available to read free online, there's a list at .

@wjt I have linked to a few stories, but if you particularly want to bring people's attention to others, I am unopposed

@brainwane the limiting factors are (a) time; (b) being widely enough read to find good linkages beyond "here is a story I liked" (which I suppose is an extension of (a)).

@wjt Time is a huge factor, sure. I use my past bookmarks a lot which includes stuff I bookmarked years ago -- coming up I'll be linking to a story I first read 20+ years ago

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