Tried to take a long exposure photo of the moon and instead conjured up a glowstick rave situation

Farewill really missed a trick by putting the $FIRSTNAME variable at the start of this subject line rather than the end.

Wikipedia experts: in the Android app, articles have subtitles. The one for “Personal wiki” has been vandalised. I can see from the edit history that the article body had similar vandalism, quickly reverted.

1. I can edit this "article description" in the app. How can I do this on the web?
2. Is there edit history for this subtitle/description?

Bot idea: generate patterns for this play mat. Bonus points for:
- putting toys over it
- feeding it through some image recogniser to see if the pattern resembles anything

Niche bot idea: animations in the style of Dasher, but only with English words that can be typed with alternating hands on a Dvorak keyboard.

For the curious, I've attached a screenshot of the distribution of the lengths of such words, with one example at each length.

Upsides of being stuck indoors: I went through some old boxes and found my original transcription of a tricky chord progression! No longer will I have to scroll through my Instagram history to find a photo from 5 years ago

I love a good edge case. Here, the assumption is “the lyrics to any given song contain more than one word”.


Oh, maybe I should try telling my daughter this every morning in French instead.

A bold “word of the week” notification choice for this crossword helper app.

A quick attempt by generating paragraphs from all translatable strings in the Endless OS checkouts I have on my laptop, filling in printf %s placeholders in sentences with other, shorter translatable fragments. Verdict: mediocre.

Bot idea: workflow/productivity/lifestyle flowcharts based on this one from Ray Dalio's "Principles: Life and Work"

I used to have a `dbus-minotaur` symlink and I'm so glad to see I'm not the only person who makes this monitor/minotaur typo.

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