I've had a balalaika for 7 years and Spotify has finally surfaced something relevant to this interest

This neighbour has forgiven us for digging up the lavender bush he used to sleep under last summer.

Tried to take a long exposure photo of the moon and instead conjured up a glowstick rave situation

Farewill really missed a trick by putting the $FIRSTNAME variable at the start of this subject line rather than the end.

Wikipedia experts: in the Android app, articles have subtitles. The one for “Personal wiki” has been vandalised. I can see from the edit history that the article body had similar vandalism, quickly reverted.

1. I can edit this "article description" in the app. How can I do this on the web?
2. Is there edit history for this subtitle/description?


Bot idea: generate patterns for this play mat. Bonus points for:
- putting toys over it
- feeding it through some image recogniser to see if the pattern resembles anything

Niche bot idea: animations in the style of Dasher, but only with English words that can be typed with alternating hands on a Dvorak keyboard.

For the curious, I've attached a screenshot of the distribution of the lengths of such words, with one example at each length.


Upsides of being stuck indoors: I went through some old boxes and found my original transcription of a tricky chord progression! No longer will I have to scroll through my Instagram history to find a photo from 5 years ago instagram.com/p/37O-Qyl-LV/

I love a good edge case. Here, the assumption is “the lyrics to any given song contain more than one word”.

🔗 washyourlyrics.com

Oh, maybe I should try telling my daughter this every morning in French instead.

A bold “word of the week” notification choice for this crossword helper app.

A quick attempt by generating paragraphs from all translatable strings in the Endless OS checkouts I have on my laptop, filling in printf %s placeholders in sentences with other, shorter translatable fragments. Verdict: mediocre.

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