Mail-order single-origin coffee moniker, or branch of applied number theory?

I'm literally zero content pages into New Dark Age by James Bridle and, hmm. 11. Come on.

New additions to my ever-growing pile of unread serious books, indirectly due to @millerdl

@hergertme I smile whenever I run `git commit` in a terminal inside Builder and Vim opens up.

Imagine objecting to these featured app tiles! "it is sick, it is awful, it is terrible, it is pathetic".

Postcards so far. It's surprisingly time-consuming because postcards are rarely standard page sizes.

It's so, so refreshing to tag a new minor release of Bustle and have it appear in GNOME Software on any random computer after 30 minutes of furious auto-building somewhere in the cloud.

I'm allergic to cats so this particularly fluffy, dribbly individual is not very good news for me, but we did enjoy a good staring match when I disturbed her beauty sleep on a very comfortable lap.

A perfect day for sitting in traffic on the M4 🚗☀️

The things we do for our forebears…

On a scale of 0 to 429, my Mastodon onboarding is going well! Thanks for asking


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