Parasite (2019): good, lent itself surprisingly well to being watched in instalments across three evenings, definitely features abrupt tonal shifts.

@popey Great!

I have a personal interest in this because:

a) I have zero interest in being a distro packager in the classical sense of "maintaining packaging for apps I don't otherwise develop", except when necessary for, uh, my job working on a distro
b) I have ended up responsible for a fair few apps on Flathub for which I am not an upstream developer
c) 🤔

My solution is automation – chiefly – but that's a plaster, not a real solution.

@popey How do you find the time to keep all these snaps you publish up to date?

Here we go, after 1.5 years and a pile of c++ code later I'm pleased to announced my basilisk story is FINISHED!

"Basilisk collection - From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia"

@leonardr This Four Kinds Of Cargo fan finished Situation Normal last night. It's GREAT. A triumph!

@popey @paperdigits seconded! Unfortunately I seem to have accidentally thrown away the metal filter with the grounds...

When a speaker of a particular language is confronted with something they don't understand they will use another language as a stand in for the part they don't understand, such as an English speaker saying "it's all Greek to me". This process creates a directed acyclic graph of unintelligibility.

@popey From your Steam screenshot I would recommend:

- Day of the Tentacle (caveat: I enjoyed it most while I was in school)
- Papers, Please (it is rather frustrating to play, but that is part of the point)

@n8 don't you mean … putting Q and Q together? 🕶️

@popey Of course I'm biased because Endless OS works like this , but I think snapshot-based OS updates with rollback are part of a solution. But still it's hard to make rolling back seamless, particularly downgrading system config.

@popey He is not quite skilled enough to diagnose the problem himself, and I'm too far away to help him do it remotely. Frustrating. He can't be the only one hitting whatever it is.


“So I feel it incumbent on those of us who are technically skilled to un-break their system if it does go wrong, to do these upgrades and find the sharp edges so our “normal” users don’t have to.”

Yes! Just this weekend my dad ran into an ecryptfs problem on upgrade. After ~15 minutes' debugging he gave up and reinstalled. Before he upgraded, he expected it wouldn't work and he'd have to reinstall, which is why he was happy to give up so quickly. Sad that he had that expectation.

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