@mhoye I thought it didn't look like the cool dangling-off-desk keyboard!

@brainwane the limiting factors are (a) time; (b) being widely enough read to find good linkages beyond "here is a story I liked" (which I suppose is an extension of (a)).

@sixohsix thanks for causing me to remember it. The baby enjoyed listening to it!

@n8 @federicomena I have definitely absolutely never confused the ISO 3166 codes for India and Indonesia

@federicomena have you any idea why Outreachy's definition of hemispheres says the following:

“Students in India are considered to be in the northern hemisphere, regardless of where their university is located.”

There are countries which cross the equator, but India is not one of them!

On OpenStreetMap, someone has traced the houses on one side of my street, and it's not the side I live on. 😡

@brainwane I started writing one, through them, when I felt particularly mortal earlier this year. I got as far as "now you need to meet face-to-face with someone who is not a family member and who is one of the following 27 trustworthy professions to witness your signature", and, that's hard to do during a nationwide lockdown/global pandemic!

“The rest of the church noticed the dog during the Sign of Peace”

@brainwane is posting some really good stuff on MetaFilter at the moment.

Farewill really missed a trick by putting the $FIRSTNAME variable at the start of this subject line rather than the end.

UK folks: I had to make my tea in the microwave because the magic smoke came out of our kettle. What kettle should I buy?

@Edent on phone today but will consult the source tomorrow

@Edent I would expect that there is a gsetting somewhere that allows you to set arbitrary floats for fractional scaling, and that it's just the UI that offers those numbers.

Awful pun about wizard author's questionable views 

Harry Potter and the TERFed Child

Mastodon is the Advogato of the ’20s.


Achievement unlocked: attended GNOME 3.38 release party beers in my pyjamas.

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