@fdgonthier Argh, missed this! It's for themeborne.com/escapethedarkca – a co-op storytelling fantasy adventure – and they're looking to build a companion app to track players’ and NPC’s stats, etc.

@federicomena do you use your computer with LANG=es_MX? Does it bother you that GNOME uses “usted” rather than “tú”? discourse.gnome.org/t/tu-usted

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one last thing from prepping for this webcomics class. i'm going to do an exercise on elevator pitches where everyone makes up a ten-word pitch to accurately encapsulate a famous piece of media. these are the examples i came up with

the point of the exercise is that you need to be able to summarize your stories succinctly and clearly in order to sell them. the other, secret bonus point of the exercise is that elevator pitches are always at least a little bit bullshit

@tbernard what possible incentive is there for Ubuntu to make popular apps work less well on their platform?

Any iOS/Android freelancers looking for a new project working on a companion app for a tabletop game?

The drilling is currently an E♭ and so is Scotland's Shame.

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Markets are great and all, and evidently there's some economic function in some company squatting on wjt.co.uk and wjt.uk who will entertain offers north of £3,000, but I can't work out what meaningful value domain squatters provide to society. Just a waste of perfectly good namespace.

But we're on day 7 of neighbours' noisy “redecoration” (aka a lot of sledgehammering and masonry-drilling) so it's headphones-and-Mogwai time.

I assumed when I started working from home that I would listen to music even more than in an office, using speakers rather than headphones; ~3 years in, I barely listen to anything. 😕

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@darius absolutely! Language codes and country codes are interchangable, and all functions which look like inverses really are inverses even if you don't get around to testing it.

Me, 30 hours ago: “moving this common code from applications A and B to shared library C will take 10 minutes, and then I'll write some quick tests to confirm that it obeys some obvious invariants.”


I put “Piano Phase” on while we were having our pudding. L grabbed my partner M's spoon and started trying to eat yogurt with both at once. “Ah,” said M, “the Steve Reich approach to eating yogurt.”

Spotted at the school which hosts my toddler's ‘football’ club.

@brainwane thanks! I'll try to check Newton out. Sorry to Bother You and Get Out were both hanging out in my mental "name of a film I liked the sound of" list, too.

@aparrish I have the opposite problem trying to reproduce the caught/cot merger. Always takes me a few tries to work out what the vowel sound must be…

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