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Of all the strange things my brain has latched on to today:
Banach-Tarski and Hutch.

A buddy cop film about a grizzled cop and another copy of himself created by decomposing him into several subsets of points and then reassembling those subsets into two people.

Does anyone know who the voice in the GNOME Settings speaker test who says “Front Left” and “Front Right” is? How is this localized?

“When you're given a gift for your birthday, most people don't throw it in your face and say ‘I hope you die’.” – Britt Yazel @

I used to have a `dbus-minotaur` symlink and I'm so glad to see I'm not the only person who makes this monitor/minotaur typo.

But my best alternative is to try to get a refund and then buy it again from another, differently-shitty service. All these products are shackled by their industry's poor decisions.

My Defective By Design protest days are behind me, but … it's still true! I “bought” the last season of a famous dragon-based show, and the vendor app for my TV has no subtitles and is unreliable at streaming. But even in a house with dozens of Turing machines I can't find a way to download the episode, then play it in 4K on the TV.

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Name bingo at the playground. We have an Esmé and a Hermione

I've taught my daughter to say "ooh! suits you, sir!" but now I've rediscovered quite how inappropriate those Fast Show sketches are…

A cool feature of Firefox Preview is how it occasionally replaces all my open tabs with about:blank, helping me to realise they were not sparking joy

TFW the not-actively-maintained-but-still-present "Word of the Day" feature in your Linux distro chooses a word that is at best "questionable" and at worst "a racist slur" 😬😬😬

Cool, sexy follow spam is the latest Twitter feature to show up here…

Overheard on the bank of the Thames 

2019 me: [listens to Miley Cyrus’ NIN covers on loop]
15-year-old me: definitely the pop bit

TFW when you have 9 meetings in one 38℃ / 100℉ day 😰

@mjog Geary is really a pleasure to use these days – great work.

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