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New York pals! I haven't been to this exhibition but Elizabeth Breiner, the curator, is a friend with excellent taste (and another friend who doesn't know her enjoyed it).

"The Criminal Type" at Apex Art, 291 Church St

grant me the additional strength not to buy a switch

grant me the strength not to install windows just to play the goose game

I finally watched my own lightning talk at GUADEC, and wrote a thing about the same thing.

I don't look anything like as nervous as I was. Funny how speaking for less than 5 minutes about a piece of software you know well to a friendly audience can still be daunting!

Bot idea: workflow/productivity/lifestyle flowcharts based on this one from Ray Dalio's "Principles: Life and Work"

Nothing like spilling a giant mug of tea all over one's desk to realise one has too much crap on one's desk.

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Should I teach my two-year-old about chemtrails?

@mjog Geary 3.34 on Flathub any day now, I suppose? 😀

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Is there a directory of websites like A colleague joked about “welcome to the web ring!” but I really would like a directory of single-serving domains like this. comes to mind…

My related side-project is on hold though is evergreen.

Beyond-tepid GoT S8 take 

Last time around it was the DUP; no prizes for guessing who'll be propping up the govt in 6-7 weeks.

Python, XML 

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Of all the strange things my brain has latched on to today:
Banach-Tarski and Hutch.

A buddy cop film about a grizzled cop and another copy of himself created by decomposing him into several subsets of points and then reassembling those subsets into two people.

Does anyone know who the voice in the GNOME Settings speaker test who says “Front Left” and “Front Right” is? How is this localized?

“When you're given a gift for your birthday, most people don't throw it in your face and say ‘I hope you die’.” – Britt Yazel @

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