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Arguing with an app user about the way I maintain a Flathub package for a (stagnant upstream) app that I neither contribute to or use at 10pm on a Friday night, and thinking: how did I become a package maintainer? The whole premise is to disintermediate! I always hated being on the other side of these interactions.


mechanical keyboards, niche layouts 

I guess “apexart” is one word, lowercase. Shows how much I know about the arts.

New Yorkers! Last chance to see “The Criminal Type” at Apex Art and then tell me how it was. I'm on the wrong continent but I know the curator has great taste.

A quick attempt by generating paragraphs from all translatable strings in the Endless OS checkouts I have on my laptop, filling in printf %s placeholders in sentences with other, shorter translatable fragments. Verdict: mediocre.

I just found my partner teaching L to type her name – in Comic Sans. “Remember, always use this font when you're typing something for daddy!”

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Why are people so obsessed with linear Git history graphs, to the point that they invent CI checks which mandate that every merge request must be opened, then inevitably fail CI because the commit messages don't have a MR URL in them, then amended and force-pushed now that you have the MR? It boggles the mind.

Four years ago, I would not have imagined that “the bulk of my Brexit stockpile’s best-before dates fall before the new, twice-extended deadline” would be a real problem I really have.

I think I'm an OK dad but I do keep my 750g pot of Nutella in the (locked, opaque) booze cupboard so that L can't see it when she's choosing what to have on her toast.

GNOME stack internals 

New York pals! I haven't been to this exhibition but Elizabeth Breiner, the curator, is a friend with excellent taste (and another friend who doesn't know her enjoyed it).

"The Criminal Type" at Apex Art, 291 Church St

grant me the additional strength not to buy a switch

grant me the strength not to install windows just to play the goose game

I finally watched my own lightning talk at GUADEC, and wrote a thing about the same thing.

I don't look anything like as nervous as I was. Funny how speaking for less than 5 minutes about a piece of software you know well to a friendly audience can still be daunting!

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