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Achievement unlocked: attended GNOME 3.38 release party beers in my pyjamas.

Our next #GNOMEChallenge project, OpenUK Kids' Courses and associated Digital Camps, teaches kids to code and learn about open source, via short animated lessons.

Backed by a team from open source and education, including Amanda Brock and David Whale, OpenUK has seen a high engagement level with girls. The team is excited to see the potential of a more diverse engineering population in the future!

Visit to learn more!

#FOSS #girlswhocode

@brion every so often I take a screenshot and think forlornly about

Today I found an Endless internal ticket about the feedback delay – from Aug 27 2014!

Every few years, actuaries compete to write speculative fiction. For instance, one of last year's winners focused on on insurance companies' role in fighting climate change: "We All Have a Green Heart" by Anna Bearrood.

Links going back to 1995:

Sorry, this is now a "memes from 2016" account.

A true story about a bus journey in early March with my daughter, then aged 2.

my name is L
and wen i ride
to nursery
in COVIDtide

I kno my dad
will mak a fusse
I disregard
I lik the bus

my name is dril
all day they aske
for leave to do
a sordid task
i must agree
it is a dragg
they will not lett
me fuk the flag

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I learned about "i lik the bred" the other day, and lay awake for hours trying without success to come up with a dril Betsy Ross museum retelling ending "i fuk the flag". Help!

Multilingual pun punchline 

Recently relearned the full & colloquial words for "garlic" in German. Can anyone think of a setup whose punchline is:

Obi-Wan Knobi

Spent some time trying without success to drive the HSM dongle that holds the private key for Endless's EV codesigning certificate for Windows apps from Linux. Random binary blobs from dusty corners of vendor websites? Sign me up...

Wikipedia experts: in the Android app, articles have subtitles. The one for “Personal wiki” has been vandalised. I can see from the edit history that the article body had similar vandalism, quickly reverted.

1. I can edit this "article description" in the app. How can I do this on the web?
2. Is there edit history for this subtitle/description?

Git esoterica 

@wjt git log --find-object $(git hash-object $file)

Git esoterica 

Git experts: I have a file I know came from some point in a Git repository's history. Can I search through the repository's history to find the most recent commit whose tree contains a file with a known hash?

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