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Making light of family deaths 

I roughly remember a webcomic I saw 10+ years ago. It went roughly as follows:

A: I remember my father's last words to me
A: "blublublublub"
B: …
A: He drowned.
--- flashback ---
Father: Now son, always remember:
Father: blublublublub
[ Father jumps into sea ]

But I can't for the life of me find it. Does it ring any bells?

Starting my first work day of 2021 as I mean to go on: with a cheese sandwich at 10:15am.

I've been thinking a lot over the past year about the problems that the #ethicallicense movement is seeking to address. Here's a simple proposal for another possible legal mechanism, creating ethical employment contract provisions! #contractpatch

Just learned that the German term for protein (in general) is „Eiweiß“. So if you want to refer specifically to the protein of an egg, is it „Eieiweiß“?

Nice post from Georges about PipeWire. I got a live demo of him using Carla to route audio from a browser tab into a different browser tab the other day. Pretty cool!

Does anyone know a freelance documentation writer, ideally familiar with GNOME and the GNOME documentation tooling, who may be available for a short project refreshing the end-user documentation for Endless OS, contributing to the GNOME documentation in the process? Give me a shout if so!

Tried to take a long exposure photo of the moon and instead conjured up a glowstick rave situation

TFW you reread the first chapter of The Design of Everyday Things to babby as a joke, then start using words you barely understand like "affordance" in design conversations so you sound like a faker.

It has been [4] minutes since I last removed my dressing gown to appear more ~~ professional ~~ in a video call.

Linux stuff 

I'd like to try using my Android phone as a webcam. I really don't want to build out-of-tree kernel modules. The stock answer seems to be DroidCam which involves out-of-tree modules. Must I really?

On OpenStreetMap, someone has traced the houses on one side of my street, and it's not the side I live on. 😡

“The rest of the church noticed the dog during the Sign of Peace”

@brainwane is posting some really good stuff on MetaFilter at the moment.

Farewill really missed a trick by putting the $FIRSTNAME variable at the start of this subject line rather than the end.

UK folks: I had to make my tea in the microwave because the magic smoke came out of our kettle. What kettle should I buy?

Awful pun about wizard author's questionable views 

Harry Potter and the TERFed Child

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