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Addressability accelerated: “This is the next step to enabling MVPDs to deliver addressable video advertising across platforms and both traditional and linear endpoints.” - Sara Wallace, senior director of product management, @FreeWheel@twitter.com


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Hi! Wondering what we've been up to since being acquired by @FreeWheel@twitter.com ? Join this webinar w/ @aripap@twitter.com & @ssamadi@twitter.com for some exciting new product roadmap updates this Wed @ 12pm ET

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Wondering what the release of Buyers.json and DemandChain mean for our industry? Read from IX's @Tralallama@twitter.com about how these efforts are combatting malvertising and boosting buyer transparency in . ow.ly/QM0V50Epu5i

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Our CTO Dave Pickles explains the importance of having honest conversations with consumers at @CollisionHQ@twitter.com tomorrow. Register: bit.ly/2QDoIKz

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Proper A/B testing, with more data-informed decision making, can provide publishers with real guideposts for how to evolve their programmatic strategies, ultimately driving increased revenue potential. Our Marcus Pousette explains: pubmatic.com/blog/putting-the-

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@byuwbb@twitter.com = The first lower seed of the NCAA Women's Basketball Tournament to win a game.

28 points from @paisleynikelle@twitter.com! The Cougars erase a 12 point 3rd quarter deficit.


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So proud of my wife!

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This week's issue of The Commuter copes with an uninvited baby shower guest in "Eating for Two," a fiction debut by Kate Francia. electricliterature.com/eating-

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We have a *ton* of roles open on the @AWSAmplify@twitter.com team:

- Mid-level and up software engineers
- Front-end engineers
- Software engineering managers

and more!

If we've chatted before/are mutuals please feel free to reach out!


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With a deadly serve and a cold-as-ice demeanor under pressure — much like Serena in her prime — Naomi Osaka is now the one her peers have no answers for, writes @darcymaine_espn@twitter.com.

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Rightly so!

WATCH: Senate votes to give Congressional Gold Medal to Capitol Police officer flip.it/NlI5Yo

How much does playing on turf contribute to these ankle and leg injuries @CarlitaS07@twitter.com @Spencer_Linton@twitter.com

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Inquiries into freezes should not be limited solely to Robinhood.

This is a serious matter. Committee investigators should examine any retail services freezing stock purchases in the course of potential investigations - especially those allowing sales, but freezing purchases.

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So my friends and I launched a new website called troubleshared.com a site dedicated to ending the stigma of and sharing stories from survivors. @trouble_shared@twitter.com

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