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brandon williamson

hat whole album is really interesting and not much like anything else i’ve heard, when u notice the lyrics.. definitely a fave. a method: / dirty whirlwind: / i was a lover:

i really like the lyrics of Playhouses by TV on the Radio and the way they’re sung

yesterday, "it's time to take a break from computer programming". today, i'm on the back of my bullfrog

phew, just sent off new forget-me-not builds with a mac version and stuff. now no more programming for the rest of the year! NO CODE (as if)

this new Bjork album is lovely, though so far it mostly just washes around me. i really love that first song though.

the Secret Ways of the Adders of Icons to Apps

i wonder if i’ll get a harpsichord for christmas

tired: sleep
wired: slep’t’d’ve

as usual when i post something or other on the internet i immediately regret it. it’s all so obvious, but what do i even mean? i don’t mean anything. who knows. sometimes just feel like people i admire and respect might shun me if they saw me obsessing over whether my game is running at 60 FPS or not, if they didn’t know where i’m coming from with that (or that i’d been too lazy to implement delta time) 8) anyway i’m off to play Horrible World of Grey Polygons Full Of Elves ‘n’ Swords ‘n’ That

but like Susan Te Kahurangi King is amazing. George Dmitriev is amazing.

tho it’s totally understandable if anyone does see things that way, what with the amount of Gamer Yuck around..

i consider forget-me-not to be art. it’s an art game. arts of movement and pattern, art of intricate and purposeful behind-the-scenes coding to give very specific little feelings to it. it’s not a cool trashgame, or an innovative new media thing or something with a meaning (OR IS IT?).. it’s a very old fashioned trad. style arcade game, but definitely art. (i often disagree with the idea that “artgames” and things bwith traditional game mechanics etc are necessarily separate or opposed.)

but i got this email O_O i honestly don’t understand what some ppl see in FMN, but it makes me happy and bigheaded obviously.

no electricity today, mum’s electric recliner chair cannot recline but she doesn’t want to go out to somewhere where there’s aircon, and refuses to sit in a different chair and be comfy. she can’t watch tv or use the internet (the only two things she can usually do).. palpable grumpiness waves