Does #linux use the #dns server (called "dnsv6" in my AVM FritzBox) broadcasted via #SLAAC (as opposed to only using the one specified in /etc/resolv.conf)?
If so, is there a command which can show which one is used?
#ipv6 #networking


@uvok In short, no. I'm not aware of any specific libnss_* plugin for glibc, nscd doesn't implement it, sssd apparently neither, I haven't checked on NetworkManager, and rdnssd (besides not being packaged for a number of distributions) just modifies /etc/resolv.conf thus probably won't interact very well with nscd/sssd. I haven't checked systemd yet, though. But I'm afraid you'll have to use DHCPv6.

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@woelfisch thanks for the detailed answer.
As far as I'm aware I actually don't even need a DNSv6 server, since a "normal" DNS(v4) server can resolve AAAA records as well, and in my home network, IPv4 is supported. So you'd only need them in IPv6-only networks (did I get that right?)

@uvok yes, DNS resolves any RR regardless the protocol requesting them, and an IPv4 DHCP server may return IPv6 name server addresses as well (at least the one used by Fritz OS does.) IPv6-only networks need a bit more configuration in various areas. We have one customer that runs an IPv6-only cluster, setting that up was ... interesting.

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