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process = subprocess.Popen(...)

if stdin:
stdout_stream, stderr_stream = process.communicate(as_bytes(stdin))
stdout_stream = process.stdout.read()
stderr_stream = process.stderr.read()

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p = Popen(cmd, stdout=PIPE, stderr=PIPE, shell=shell)
out = p.stdout.read()
err = p.stderr.read()

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Bottled water companies don't produce water, they produce plastic bottles.

*groan* why was the "nomodeset" boot parameter set for the VM? No wonder the QLX driver didn't work.

@uvok yes, DNS resolves any RR regardless the protocol requesting them, and an IPv4 DHCP server may return IPv6 name server addresses as well (at least the one used by Fritz OS does.) IPv6-only networks need a bit more configuration in various areas. We have one customer that runs an IPv6-only cluster, setting that up was ... interesting.

@uvok In short, no. I'm not aware of any specific libnss_* plugin for glibc, nscd doesn't implement it, sssd apparently neither, I haven't checked on NetworkManager, and rdnssd (besides not being packaged for a number of distributions) just modifies /etc/resolv.conf thus probably won't interact very well with nscd/sssd. I haven't checked systemd yet, though. But I'm afraid you'll have to use DHCPv6.

I rarely post fursuit photos here, but I really like the photo @SquashTFC@twitter.com took of Tashville the coyote at NordicFuzzCon 2019.

Tashville performed by me, costume by Clockwork Creature.

Related, I just ordered yet another set up cabinet keys (with a ventilation key) so I don't have to fetch them from my car if it crosses my mind to bleed the radiators in the middle of the night again. There's also a set in my drawers at work (which I'll need the moment I took them home and forget to bring them back...)

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It wasn't getting warm here any more so I vented the radiators in my flat. Afterwards pressure was down to 100 mbar so I refilled the heating circuit with what must have been five liters of water. Where did all the water go?! I really have to let someone check the pressure valve. But for now it's warm and cozy again!

@uvok or GPS navigation apps trying to pronounce street names of an American map with a German pronunciation...

Wie kann man eigentlich Mischbrot backen, das beim Discounter dann für 59 ct/500g im Regal liegt? augsburger-allgemeine.de/augsb - oh, kann man auf Dauer nicht. Na sowas.

I just spent hours searching for the mobile phone with the T-Mobile USA SIM. I knew for sure I unpacked it from the laptop bag after Anthrocon and put it on the shelf where it belongs. But it wasn't there. Looked everywhere, and on the shelf again and again. Nope. Hours later, glanced another time over the shelf, and there it was, in plain sight. Is someone gaslighting me or something?

I finally found out that the maximum JPEG dimensions for my car stereo are 640x480 pixels - the Pioneer AVH-X2600BT (and related) will only show an error message for anything larger. The physical aspect ratio of the display is approximately 3:2, so a 4:3 picture will be stretched horizontally. 🤦‍♂️

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