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I am not only happy to say that I have joined Booz Allen as a Chief Technologist heading up the Kubernetes team but I am also hiring. I am still working on the job req but my DM’s are open if you or someone you know might be interested. This will be a senior role.
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You know autumn is here when your start your day with "Labour Days"

At Schiphol they've checked my Kendrick Lamar book for drugs 🤣 I mean... How cliche can you get?

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🔔 If you missed any talks, the recordings from @argoproj@twitter.com have been added to this awesome list!

📢 More awesomeness to come, and stay tuned!

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A great session at the other day with @akuityio@twitter.com...held at the ...thanks for the collaboration @remingtonbreeze@twitter.com and Sudhamsh Bachu!


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Downtown Sunnyvale is where we're at!
The wildest parties usually take place at bookstores, trust me.

Here's a nice pic illustrating how builds communities first. One pic, three vendors chatting 😊

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Thanks , thanks @CloudNativeFdn@twitter.com for such a smooth ride, thanks to everyone who came to our booth, and ❤️ to my colleagues at Akuity for being so engaged and giving their 💯

The past 3 weeks were a ride. will be a blast.
Let's goooo¡

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We're slowly wrapping it up at 2022 Day 1!

It's a historical moment for all of us at @akuityio@twitter.com - our first official booth at a @CloudNativeFdn@twitter.com event 🎉 Thank you for chatting with us and coming by 🙇‍♂️

See you tomorrow at the Day 2 workshops: hubs.li/Q01mPVGd0

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protesters detained in Moscow tonight are reportedly getting drafted right at the police station

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Today is the day. Let's GOOOO!

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is a perfect place to sync with your colleagues, especially if you're a remote-first company 🙌🏻

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Plans for tomorrow? 🚘✈️✈️✈️🚖💤
See you at 👋 where I'll be like 👇

Go guys!

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That's a wrap 🙌🏻 If you haven't made it to the Akuity Platform launch webinar, you can still join the after-party Twitter Space with the Akuity co-founders: @JesseSuen@twitter.com, @wanghong230@twitter.com, @a_matyushentsev@twitter.com - hosted by @kelseyhightower@twitter.com twitter.com/i/spaces/1vAGRAnqD

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I still remember my first day at Sun Microsystems on the drivers & interfaces team.

Fellow (Russian) co-worker leans over and says "In Soviet Russia, drivers write you."

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GA is always a nice milestone 🙃

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The Akuity Platform is now in General Availability 🚀

Find out more from this blog post written by our CTO @JesseSuen@twitter.com and sign up for the product launch webinar tomorrow, hosted by @kelseyhightower@twitter.com


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We're not a huge team, so for the last 8 months everyone was giving their 💯

The effects of that work are slowly surfacing ❤️ Big up the whole Akuity team!

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More news to follow after this tweet 👀 twitter.com/NewsFromBW/status/

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