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I love how this website hasn't changed in literal decades, its still got that 2000s new millennium style banner and layout

heart warming in vrchat 

@Kat wasn't feeling well and needed some intense validation so I invited her and her friends and more people than I expected showed up. @SangriaSnake @DellaDragoness and Punx 01 (not on fediverse) are here. We spent a good hour just snuggling her tightly and reminding her of how much a cute girl she is~

snuggling in vrchat; boobs 

Me and @Kat again, this time she's a mermaid and I'm a chubby cat furry in a red sweater.

snuggling to sleep in vrchat 

All three of us visible this time as I (left) fall asleep with @Kat (center) and @SangriaSnake (right)

landtraveller spoilers (kind of) 

Its the non-generated parts of my game that take the most work. Even when the area you're making is supposed to be corridor-room-cooridor it just means you have to think harder about player progression, landmarking, etc.

I love the randomly generated character sprites in my animation's preview box, comes up with some of the strangest combos.

Steam isn't exactly the best game platform either..

Honestly we only like Steam because we've learned how MUCH MUCH worse the alternatives could be.

Also, shouts outs to GOG for actually trying.

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