@maxine oh look notifications aren't working. i might actually have to move, this instance is overloaded to hell

At least Twitter influxes will make Mastodon interesting for a while, I remember when I was a Twitter refugee

hello new fedi users. it's really not that much better here

@kitation things aren't much better in here, just wait until instance admins start fighting each other again


@NovaSquirrel a lot of your friends are also neurodivergent and may not really talk unless talked to and may be wondering exactly all of this to themselves too. They haven't reached out to you for the same reason you haven't reached out to them. I wouldn't be too hard on yourself.

i downloaded all 10.000 of those ugly lazy lions nfts and turned them into a mosaic of a person right-clicking

@octopus HOW is the very hard question, but the WHY is readily apparent. WHY we teach science is so people don't start taking horse meds to combat an unrelated viral infection. The failure to teach science effectively means the HOW is the important question.

@libretro@twtr.plus @bighatpaul@twtr.plus haha, without spaces it looks like you were keyboard smashing

@gamingonlinux getting a dedicated channel USB PCI card helps a lot too, a lot of tracking going bad can actually be USB related. I got the StarTek 4 port 5 gbit per port with direct sata power but that's if you want full body to work, for just the headset a simpler USB PCI card will do.

Has anyone ever written a Virtual Boy emulator for VR? That would be awesome.

An aperture card! Used as a very early image tagging/sorting system, you'd have microfilm mounted in a punch card, so you could have a regular punch card organizer/sorter find your images. The DoD loved them because they could store tons and tons of engineering blueprints in an organized, computer-sortable and -searchable way.

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Just a friendly reminder

Mastodon doesn't need your patreon money nearly as much as your local instance owners do

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