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I normally don't care about open source purity, but DAMN did Muse Group brutally murder Audacity. The "Data necessary for law enforcement, litigation and authorities’ requests" under "Personal Data We Collect" on their privacy policy alone is like WTF. It's a simple audio editing tool. It's totally going to get Libre Office'd for sure.

If you asked me to picture the man who invented karaoke, this is exactly the image that would have come to mind

Every time I type 'public' wrong when I'm programming the 13 year old inside my head giggles.

"no one wants to work" 

As seen on birdsite

A 15$ min wage wouldn't fucking kill jobs and this is proof

Push harder for more

Today, July 14th, is International Non-binary People's Day! :nonbinary_flag:

NB people deserve to have their gender–or absence of one–recognised and unconditionally respected. They must be protected from all discrimination they face from bigots and bigoted systems.

Non-binary folx are cool AF, and they have all the reason to be proud of themselves. :heart_nb:

I found this a while back. Don't know if you've seen it, but I can't divorce it from any conversation about Lovecraft. Hope you enjoy!

This 1983 intro to computers book for young children has as much detail in a few colorful pages as a college hardware architecture class.

Extremely frustrating to see people hating on the individuals at the edge of abusive systems rather than identifying that they are just the outer layer of an entire web of broken s**t we need to untangle.

Why yes, the people who do provide services for profit often suck. We should get rid of the profit, not the services.

Faking change by changing the outer layer is how these systems dodge true accountability.

Reminder that it's wonderful to post about the things you love, whether that's sharing food pics, talking about your kids or pets, or just being excited about your hobbies.

The people following you like your posts and like to hear from you. :)

[Daytona USA cabinet voice] π™π™π™π™π™π™Žπ™Šπ™‰π˜Όπ˜Όπ˜Ό

I think I've never been more forcibly struck than today with the realisation that today's Web developers have never used 1980s BASIC systems and just have no awareness that computers used to be things you could both use and program interactively, in the same session.

We've deprived an entire couple generations of children of a basic formative mind-expanding experience of cognitive freedom, and now they're making tools that restrict other people's thought lives and see nothing wrong with that.

the premise of half the games on steam now is "you've become the owner of a dilapidated house|village|ranch|etc, now restore it to its former glory!"

homeownership is a fantasy scenario on par with becoming a legendary hero or piloting a cool mech

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