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Hello everyone! I am a from Quebec and I decied to join because I think it reflects my values very well so I hope to meet people and find new interesting content! So here's a list of stuff I like!

aaand that's all I can think of :V so that was my . See you soon!

I bought a veggie burger but once on the bus realized that it wasn't. Still ate it because I was too hungry and now I feel insanely ill. Life is fun

Those who claim words don't have meaning are often those who use them with violence

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*looks at you and tilts its head*
( ゚、 。7
 ( ︶ヽ
  U U  )ノ

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Les scénarios qui se passent dans plusieurs galaxies et qui comptent pas un seul perso queer vous me décevez

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80s scifi/horror movies are the only good horror movies.

Negative stuff I guess Show more

How can you have a favorite number? I sincerely don't understand. How can you feel infatuated with a digit?

Like right now I have an Experia and it really sucks, the far right side of it doesn't even work I can't press the letter p so I have to use proposed words, backspace is hard to click to and the "change app" square is almost impossible to press

I almost want that black berry that got spammed to me in a really badly translated ad. I'm just really tired of touch keyboards

Si la bible était en québécois :
Et là le ti criss marcha au figuier et disait "mon tabarnak t'fait pas d'fruits. M'a t'en faire des niaiserie moé. Mange d'la marde!" et le figuier mangea d'la marde.

Rant about mental illness Show more

Rant about mental illness Show more

Rant about mental illness Show more

I'm stuck here for the next 50 minutes

Demon souls/dark souls is a spiritual successor to Ghost and Goblins

Hey my ftm peeps, my friend wants to buy a packer but he doesn't where to look. He wants one that is stand to pee and possibly can be pumped. Do you guys have any ressources? Boost to help a trans fam out!