An fait, faut que je me trouve un deuxième salaire dédié aux dons/soutiens si je veux pouvoir filer 1€ à toutes celles et ceux qui proposent des services/outils trop bien.

Ou revoir le modèle économique de la société.

Ok I just started II and..... well 35fps 720p without global illumination. WELL WELL WELL.

@dada D'ailleurs t'as parlé des kubertruc la dernière fois... Là je viens de me mettre à LXD, j'ai l'impression de découvrir ce qu'est le vrai amour.

Since last week I am transfering my server from AWS Seoul to Ikoula Reims.

The dedicated server is great 2 cores, 8GB Ram and 2TB, for a fair price.

It allows me to manage containers with LXC and LXD. (
It works great and I want to use it to be able to have several snapshots and to be allow me to transfer data from different servers smoothly.

Question related to peertube: is there interesting channels to follow ?

It is not really interesting to host your own instance if you don't have a goal with a community

Also with the BP you can keep this effect for any other moment.

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