Ok I just started II and..... well 35fps 720p without global illumination. WELL WELL WELL.

@dada D'ailleurs t'as parlé des kubertruc la dernière fois... Là je viens de me mettre à LXD, j'ai l'impression de découvrir ce qu'est le vrai amour.

Since last week I am transfering my server from AWS Seoul to Ikoula Reims.

The dedicated server is great 2 cores, 8GB Ram and 2TB, for a fair price.

It allows me to manage containers with LXC and LXD. (linuxcontainers.org/)
It works great and I want to use it to be able to have several snapshots and to be allow me to transfer data from different servers smoothly.

Question related to peertube: is there interesting channels to follow ?

It is not really interesting to host your own instance if you don't have a goal with a community

Also with the BP you can keep this effect for any other moment.

It is possible to do the same with the sequencer, but for me it is funnier with blueprints or c++.

If you want to integer that in a game, here is a Blueprint explanation. subak.ovh/dollyzoom/

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