After the deal the bard was not sure if he had been tricked or treated.
"Let me never lack words!" he had demanded.
"The price," had come the reply, "is that your stories must be true."
Not literal truth, he had found, but truth in essence. He missed telling simple stories.

Wer die DS-GVO als Innovationsbremse bezeichnet hat sie nicht verstanden.

"In case you've never heard of Java, its an object oriented
programming language, similar to the latest .NET development languages like C#. However, it's been around far longer and is widely consider the original true developer language of choice." -- _planetminecraft

I spotted a cat when I was out for a walk.
"Oh, hello there," I said, "aren't you handsome?"
"Yes, I am," the cat said.
"Whoa! You can talk?"
"I was a prince once, but so selfish and vain a witch cursed me into this form."
"How can you break the curse?"
"Why would I?"

📢Live from Berlin: #Nextcloud 20 is here!

🏁Introducing Dashboard to start your day
🔍Unified search with Nextcloud and external results
🗨Talk bridges with other platforms including MS Teams, Slack, IRC, Matrix

... and so much more! Enjoy & share! 💝

yeah linux is cool but does it have ransomware built in

The new iOS 14 - some quick fixes & what to do first - BRIEFING: The new iOS 14 - some quick fixes & what to do first - special privacy briefing

Working or eLearning from home for the first time? Keep your personal, school and work accounts safer by using an encrypted password manager. Never store your passwords in the browser.

We recommend but any encrypted manager is better than none!

is an easy to use manager with a constant update cycle.

Consider donating when you download to help keep projects like this going.

Massive mistake by #mozilla was canning all the extension and screwing volunteers/third-party devs (who used to recommend #firefox to friends and family)

Today we are proud to announce our End-to-end encryption is production ready and more!
🔒End-to-end Encryption in our clients
💻Desktop client 3.0 with completely new interface
📞Android 3.13 with reworked UI

Learn more:

The demon appeared in the pentagram and held out a hand. "The book."
His summoner sat still in her bed, looking at the book in her lap. "Tell me, do you mind?"
"No!" he growled. "No. I... enjoy this."
She smiled and gave him the book.
He opened it solemnly.
"Now, where were we?"

This is our regular shout-out / reminder to use an encrypted password manager!

We love KeePassXC! But any is better than none!

Create passwords that are impossible to remember because they are so strong and unique for every account.

Also store any of your secrets in there, not just passwords.

Use or another sync tool to keep your password database connected to each of your systems.

Seems that after Microsoft, Google also gives up on creating 'privacy clouds' for customers. True isolation is nearly impossible to deliver given judicial & technical limitations.

TL;DR - if you need to control your data, keep it on your own infra!

We are super happy to share with you this news! Nextcloud made it to the first spot of all subcategories in Euro am Sonntag contest and won the title of the “Most popular provider” by the renowned German Magazine’s rating!

Flooded by email? Think the only solution is to give all your data to Google or Microsoft because they have smart inboxes that help you handle the flood of mails? In case you missed it: We have good news for you!

Share the news! The latest Nextcloud Hub v19 is here 🎉

🔒Password-less authentication & more security features
📝Talk 9 with built-in office document editing @CollaboraOffice, grid view & more
🚀Improved performance & much more!


Remember how they show us that animals confined to live in a cage for years, once freed, choose to stay in that cage (or are reluctant to leave)?

That's #microsoft #windows #github etc.

Stop being a dumb animal.
SPD und Grüne haben sich in Hamburg auf den Einstieg in den Microsoft-Ausstieg geeinigt. Die Stadt soll digital sourverän werden.
Digitale Souveränität: Hamburg will weg von Microsoft-Produkten -
#OpenSource #Limux #Microsoft #Internet #PolitikRecht
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