Flooded by email? Think the only solution is to give all your data to Google or Microsoft because they have smart inboxes that help you handle the flood of mails? In case you missed it: We have good news for you!

Share the news! The latest Nextcloud Hub v19 is here 🎉

🔒Password-less authentication & more security features
📝Talk 9 with built-in office document editing @CollaboraOffice, grid view & more
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Remember how they show us that animals confined to live in a cage for years, once freed, choose to stay in that cage (or are reluctant to leave)?

That's #microsoft #windows #github etc.

Stop being a dumb animal.
SPD und Grüne haben sich in Hamburg auf den Einstieg in den Microsoft-Ausstieg geeinigt. Die Stadt soll digital sourverän werden.
Digitale Souveränität: Hamburg will weg von Microsoft-Produkten - Golem.de
#OpenSource #Limux #Microsoft #Internet #PolitikRecht

& implementation is not only a privacy, but also an accessibility problem.

When we add these systems to our websites, we are literally telling people that if they are unable to solve their questions, that they are not human.

People that lack the visual and cognitive skill to complete this are STILL HUMAN.

The irony is that these captcha system are 'training' AI engines, which are definitely not human.

Want to learn how to expel Google from your life? Check out the Reddit community!

With more people working from home, more employers are invasively monitoring employees. It doesn't have to be this way. Our organization has been 100% remote for a decade without any monitoring. It's all about trust.


Original tweet : twitter.com/DuckDuckGo/status/

To the people who will say "Why wouldn't you want security?": There is a long history here of companies saying they won't track you and then being sneaky with clauses. You don't want to go down this road. DNS was meant to be decentralized, keep it decentralized. Find another way.

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It's "World Password Day" - which is an excellent day to remind you to use an encrypted password manager. Literally any of them are better than not using one.

Why use one? It allows you to create unique complex usernames and passwords that are forgettable.

This increases your information security.

Our manager of choice is - it's easy to use, syncs really well across any cloud service and is loaded with features and a browser extension.

@wolfram_roesler ...looks like there are many new UI updates in there! KeePassXC is our recommended password manager.

Reworking the built-in icons of , based on the Icons8 collection. The design isn't final yet but the next version will look awesome.

An often overlooked variable in data protection, in addition to strong + unique passwords, is to use a random + unique username.

One of the methods in a password attack is to make assumptions that once a username is discovered, it is duplicated and can be used as the basis for further attacks.

Use an encrypted password manager to store your credentials. This allows you to have username and password combinations that are much harder to guess.

Bundesarbeitsminister Hubertus Heil (SPD) will ein Recht auf Homeoffice gesetzlich verankern. Grüne und FDP sind dafür, Arbeitgeber dagegen.
Zukunft: Arbeitsminister Heil will Homeoffice-Recht - Golem.de
#Homeoffice #Arbeit #Coronavirus

@nextcloud Your password manager should use strong encryption + a strong password with an external challenge if need be to keep it safe, regardless of storage location. Storing your PW database in your own Nextcloud instance as an encrypted file should be safe.

syncs very well over . keepassxc.org

"If you have deployed the latest iteration of Nextcloud, then you have an outstanding (nearly) drop-in replacement for Google Drive/Docs and Office 365." How to connect #ONLYOFFICE Desktop editors to your #Nextcloud server answers @jlwallen@twitter.com @TechRepublic@twitter.com -

Want to do 100% private audio/video calls & chat? #Nextcloud Talk has you covered, as one of only 3 solutions on the market according to an analysis from the Dutch privacy authority.

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