Usual startups: Let's put some good quotes as tesriminals on our website.
Uhm… we have none? Let's just invent some!

Open-source project: "horrible", "slow", "fuck everything about this", …

Nuclear Music Player -

This is our regular reminder to use an encrypted password manager...

Keep your personal, school and work accounts safer by using an encrypted password manager. Never store your passwords in the browser.

We recommend but any encrypted manager is better than none!

is an amazing project with a lot of polish. Keep projects like this alive by donating to their .

tar tip [150GB later....]: If you want to exclude stuff, you have to put the --exclude **before** the directory you're backing up.

Nextcloud Groupware offers easy-to-use web mail, calendaring and contacts that helps your team get things done quicker and easier, integrated with Nextcloud Files.

Work together, share documents, plan video chats and more!

A good way to fight against 's anti-privacy ways is to ditch today.

This is already happening in droves since there is a "share data with Facebook or else" in play.

There are better solutions. They don't need to be perfect, but they should be encrypted as a start and weigh your options for other needs.

One thing to avoid is texting over SMS as an alternative, as this is not secure.

The sigils were drawn in salt, the candles lit, the blade wetted with, well, if not blood then at least hamburger jus.
A demon appeared at the other end of the table.
"Wherefore hast thou summoned me?"
"Dinner company. Have a seat."
The demon sat. "What?"
"Lockdown. It's lonely."

Eine digital souveräne Schulcloud: Nextcloud, gehostet von IONOS, @ionos_cloud, ist garantiert DSGVO konform, da die Daten in Deutschland liegen und ausschließlich europäische Unternehmen beteiligt sind.

So, you've heard it's time to dump WhatsApp & switch to Signal... but how? @mshelton breaks down how to get started on iOS, Android, & desktop, use group messaging & attachments, & set yourself up for privacy.

Original tweet :

Wer nach Alternativen zu WhatsApp sucht: Threema oder Signal. Nicht Telegram!

Amused that the #Slack outage today is preventing so much work from being done, when decentralized #OpenSource platforms like @matrix still exist and are running just fine. Why do people keep using these walled gardens?

Previously, we shared an article about how smart speakers collect voice data, but... "researchers have discovered that devices also may be able to 'hear' & record what people are typing on nearby smartphones, even amid background noise." Users beware.

Original tweet :

If you think brave browser is a privacy respecting browser, you should read this thread in codeberg, made by the team: Summary: brave connects to some domains when you start it up (phones home), one of these domains is, if you curl --head it, you get this:

> curl --head HTTP/1.1 301 Moved Permanently Date: Mon, 28 Dec 2020 23:26:23 GMT Content-Length: 0 Connection: keep-alive Location:

(In simple words, it is a redirect to google) But even worse, if you do an IP lookup to, you get this:

> curl$(dig +short A { "ip": "", "anycast": true, "city": "San Francisco", "region": "California", "country": "US", "loc": "37.7621,-122.3971", "org": "AS13335 Cloudflare, Inc.", "postal": "94107", "timezone": "America/Los_Angeles", "readme": "" }error code: 1003error code: 1003%

That's right! brave browser is chainloading spyware and ads companies!
Reminder that if you really want to censor something completely block it out of the image with solid color. Blurs and pixelation look nice but there will always be a chance of someone uncovering it.

After the deal the bard was not sure if he had been tricked or treated.
"Let me never lack words!" he had demanded.
"The price," had come the reply, "is that your stories must be true."
Not literal truth, he had found, but truth in essence. He missed telling simple stories.

Wer die DS-GVO als Innovationsbremse bezeichnet hat sie nicht verstanden.

"In case you've never heard of Java, its an object oriented
programming language, similar to the latest .NET development languages like C#. However, it's been around far longer and is widely consider the original true developer language of choice." -- _planetminecraft

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