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been a while since that happened. still waiting for everything to stand back up. maybe I should be forcing weekly reboots in the dead of night or something

whoops slowed to a crawl again and needed a little nap-nap. i think the issue has to do with the server automatically installing updates that require a reboot.

pardon me, it was for yarn, not rails. anyway it's been sitting at the same spot for a very long time. i don't know what it wants from me

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you all shouldn't be on social media tonight anyway. you should be logged off and drinking or lighting molotov cocktails or something. i guess that's what i think teens do now

i anticipate it will be done at some point tonight but the speed is not making me optimistic about when. sorry folks

the rebuild process is taking much longer than it's taken in the recent past, and consuming far more resources.

🐝 it's been a while since an update has totally trounced us, and here we are again. the server backend became unresponsive while rebuilding with docker. rebooted the server and we are trying again, with the backend process stopped for now.

looks like we got that heavy-duty slowdown on not sure of the reason. rebooting now

as someone who does this shit for fun and is not getting paid: not really having fun right now :thaenkin:

well, this downtime is lasting a lot longer than i planned. i dunno why but is choking on the update to v2.0. i don't know that it's possible to roll it back at this point either since i already did a partial migration

just fyi, i moved my main over to @wolfteeth, which is the best place to find me for now. at least at times when i am not utterly failing at the job of running an instance, haha. i like .social but i kinda prefer a smaller community! just personally.

Calm down, you're ruining the Don Knotts film festival. There's no reason to turn The Incredible Mr. Limpet into The Incredible Mr. Shitfit

if any mutuals wanna join, sign up and toss me your email address so i can enable your account

i set up an instance - dunno how well it'll scale even for small numbers of users but! i'm over at @wolfteeth

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